V-Focus (獨家保鑣) Episode 53

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沒有挖不到的獨家!沒有保護不了的人! 丁若芹,「V-Focus」政治社會組的記者,業界有「百變女王」、「獨家獵人」的封號。而「Krisis」安全顧問的負責人姜至衡,堪稱業界「終極保鑣」,不僅要保護雇主的安全、更要捍衛雇主的隱私。身為宿敵的兩人,為了一則新聞事件,意外引爆遊艇而漂流荒島。擁有傭兵經歷的至衡帶著若芹在野外求生等待救援,這看似沒有人煙的小島,出乎意料的居然是另一則獨家新聞的發生地,他們除了得努力求生外,還得努力的逃生...

愛情是一切的解答!科學才是一切的真理! 滿心期待幸福日子的心儀,卻在婚禮當天收到新郎分手簡訊,本想坦白面對一切的心儀,在面對眾人目光下,憶起雙親交代要是嫁不出去就得回老家繼承武道館的家業!心儀情急下,靈機一動,請求伴郎國隆充當她的新郎,國隆認出她就是當年他暗戀的對象...
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Tipster Rednimer
  • Cloud39

    Don’t know what’s wrong with this 文莉, keep forbidding 姜至衡 and 丁若芹 relationship. Can’t stand it… hope will quickly expose her true Colours to 丁若芹

    • Danny Liew

      She is said was love DRQ in wikipedia of this drama

    • jess

      i thought it was obvious? many eps ago she already said shes in love with someone she can never get & there will never be an outcome. her actions with ruo qi also very obvious. she’s in love with her “sister”

  • marian

    so sad