Two Fathers (兩個爸爸) Episode 01

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誰說 “家"一定要有爸媽才是完整?!

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  • Bee The

    hi i can’t play the video, is something wrong?

    • carmen

      me tooo:(((

  • KagKa

    I saw of the dads … other show, I think he is the only one I “know” … that other show I saw of him, it was a very good show!! Cannot remind the name, something about a guy who is very fat (him) and he got slimmed down through plastic surgeries and exercising …

    • ayu

      you mean this? Who’s The One / 我的完美男人

  • KagKa

    Normally guy would not want the kid … especially since it is a girl (chinese way of thinking??) … I am guessing they both wanted the kid, so they did not take the DNA test … two dads .. people who do not know them, would think of them as gay couple 😀

  • Is there a place to get this show with English subtitles? My Chinese is definitely not that good.

    • tommy

      i bought the CD with the English subtitles through the internet.

  • this is so cute….Two guys willing to love the little girl with everything they have. I miss cute drama shows like this :’3

  • Not even half way into episode 1, and I’m already in love with this show <3 Ahhhhh~

    • “That’s so nice, you have two handsome dads. I only have one, and he’s not handsome.” XDD Don’t know why that cracks me up so much.

  • hehe

    is there english sub?

  • Anny



  • that ending mv is just super adorable and cute. i ship the 2 guys even though i am interest in the couples as well as the fathers daughter relationship. ahehe.

    • tommy

      Me too 🙂

  • guest

    Does anyone know where song in part 1 is from? The one that starts as soon as the drama starts.

  • DaBestCharlie

    Omg the two leading roles should just get together! Chemistry is too cute!

    • tommy

      Totally agree with you 🙂

  • Wah

    This kinda sounds like Happy 300 Days, with the whole unknown father plotline…

  • Baybya

    too much commercial starting to pissed me off

  • eie

    ppeople thought they are gay haha

  • huh

    wth two fathers lol

  • Lynn6

    The two male leads look pleasant enough to start watching….the little girl is really cute. It is very strange though that the doctor at the hospital did not recommend a DNA test right at the beginning but asked which one is the father?? Obviously the two guys do not know and looks like they can live with not knowing until the baby grew up to become the little girl she is today!

  • vd

    but who is the real dad?! i bet it’s neither….otherwise they won’t be taking care of her together….

  • kiwi

    the little girl is cute!! and it’s always fun to see 2 big guys taking care of a little girl!
    Megan Lai and Leroy Young make a good couple, once again 🙂
    ah…2 cute & heartwarming dramas these days (Hint of you also)….no time to watch them all lol

  • harobednomel

    such a cute drama!

  • vv

    yay love the 2 male leads! will give it a try

  • babypink

    nice !!!!