True Love 365 (求愛365) Episode 18

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  • guest

    Min Ling is such a nice girl

  • Bachfifi

    Can’t watch it , it there another site I can watch?

  • lll

    ughhh….. i praise lai jun jie for his “book” smarts…. but he is honestly not very “street ” smart

  • Lynn6

    Whoa…it is taking too long for Yu Xiang to tell Bi Ting that he likes her!! Anyway Bi Ting should have told Jun Jie the truth, after all Jun Jie did not guess wrong on the real reason for her not wanting to go to Paris with him. Yes, he is doing everything right but perhaps too late already, feel a bit sorry for him but looks like Shu Xin is back to console him.
    We do not want to see all the evil manoeuvring by Pi Shu…Actually I enjoy those talks between Bi Ting and Yu Xiang’s mum and between Jun Jie and his mum…more real. But more screen time please for the various couples to come together when there are only 3 episodes left…no rush ending please!!

  • eowij

    okay stupid dad dammit lai jun jie is plain stupid and short temper everytime something goes wrong the first person he goes to is lai yu xiang for what? to blame and vent his anger argh

  • Anon

    Ohhh lalalla :3 interesting parts next time <3

  • jiewo


  • Give Me A Break

    Not the end yet???????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Come on!

    • hihi

      there are 21 episodes totally

      • Anon

        woah…then 3 more episodes and end?? But their problems seem like very much…how can they finish their problems within 3 episodes!?