True Love 365 (求愛365) Episode 15

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  • dewioj

    hahahahaa lai yu xiang open the door

  • dewioj

    why the hell no one suspects pi shu and his plan?!?!!? It’s so obvious…

  • Amanda

    There is still a bit of lagging in the episode.

  • jade

    thanks for fixing it, appreciate it! 🙂

  • Lynn6

    Thank you for fixing the content and sound … really look forward to next week episode. Jun Jie is such a gentleman and good looking, so really hard not to like him and he is putting more effort to pursue Bi Ting now. Yu Xiang though has really improved in his character so I can see why Bi Ting is torn between the two …even I am growing to like Yu Xiang!!

  • chincpn

    thank you very much for the fixed links..

  • :(

    what happen?? why video block by tv company……. 🙁

  • Meh Meh

    come on pls fix this I wan to see this ep

  • Lynn6

    Either blocked content or no sound…very disappointing as this drama is getting to the juicier parts although dragging at times. Please do help to fix, thank you!

  • Laugh

    @1a86f4e760040e113934ee172d83c40f:disqus lol maybe ^^ anyways since this doesn’t work moving on to next drama on my Friday list 😀

    • NoKidding

      Good luck. Hope the next one is better 🙂

  • NoKidding


  • Pipi

    Please fix it….

  • jade

    you kidding me, it doesn’t work for two weeks in a row….

  • Nat

    Seriously…..? Waited all day for this? Ugh

  • yo


  • yo

    does work :/