True Love 365 (求愛365) Episode 14

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  • Dramaness

    shit….. long tian xing! WHY?! omg the preview…. AHHHHH long tian xing PLLZ DON’T BE AN ASS LIKE UR DAD AHHHH

  • yellow duck

    thanks for the fixing .. well done

  • xJuu

    So..I found a working link, but I can’t post it up (requires moderator approval? >>) But if you google “mapleto true love 365” they have a working/fixed video up for ep 14

  • xJuu

    🙁 still no sound?

  • Christabel

    No Sound 🙁

  • Shu Si

    Please fix it ASAP :'( For those who only know how to listen and do not know to read the subtitle are having hard time with this video. I’m one of them and I can’t stop refreshing and checking out this episode whether is it fixed. Thankyou 🙂

  • michellelachey

    yes no sound….but can see the subtitle and wish 宇翔和PAK TING, 心想俊傑,但是宇翔懂安慰和照料pak ting, lol……. waiting for the end of the story.

  • Louise

    What happened? No sound?

  • o.O

    Lordy, is the story finally going SOMEWHERE, moving forward perhaps?
    Although I am afraid it’s akin to Jun Jie’s efforts of getting Bi TIng back…too little too late.

  • :(

    Come on…..fix it please!!!!!

  • Lol

    Seriously ? No fix?

  • Lynn6

    Finally, Bi Ting’s heart is beating for Yu Xiang … instead of Jun Jie! Jun Jie looks sincere this time but I guess Bi Ting is not so sure anymore about wanting to spend her life with someone like Jun Jie.

  • feiojfioe

    Needdddddd fixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • :)

    no sound !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lol

    Wtffffffff that actors pi shu’s son he is actually a bad guy trying to trick the girl

  • Linda

    theres no sound! 🙁

  • JustLeaveMessages

    Are people still following this program?
    You guys are amazing!!! Pei-Fu, Pei-Fu…

    • chen

      So much potential, so little fulfilled…

      • O.o

        All potential oxidized and fizzled with the plot seemingly crawwwwwwwlllllliiiinnnngggg by.

  • hallie

    the sound isn’t working 🙂