True Love 365 (求愛365) Episode 13

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Tipster Rednimer
  • 鐵頭

    還記得最早看到汪建民是飾演 台灣靈異事件-鐵頭 警官

    怎後來都出演反派角色一職 =口=!!!!


  • Dramaness

    i want to punch pi shu in the face.

  • bananafluff

    It’s getting interesting! Can’t wait til YX and BT get together.

  • few

    the worst thing is the enemy is so close and they don’t know it haha

  • h

    bi ting’s cry is kinda fake lol if i’m bi ting, i will just dump the 2nd brother lol

  • Lynn6

    Yu Xiang is really coming nicely together in “courting” Bi Ting without being obvious…under the guise of a friend and boss! Really looking forward to next episode if the preview is as good as it looks…maybe sparks will fly when Yu Xiang takes Bi Ting to Paris.

  • guest

    never seen a drama that had this many mistakes! when bi ting ran out of the restaurant and yu xiang followed he had a bag, when they were at the pier he didnt have the bag but he did again when they went to get the tree. uhhh this is nothing but just felt like pointing it out

  • Teresa

    yes they’re prob going to be together soooon <333 bi ting and yu xiang <3

  • few

    lai yu xiang is so smart XD