True Love 365 (求愛365) Episode 12

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  • dramaness

    i don’t understand y they don’t talk to their dad…. even just to ask. pi shu is such an ass.

  • guest

    previews in dramas: shows you whats going to happen next
    previews in this drama: shows you what you’re missing (the exciting relationship part) -_____-

  • ewfe

    jun jie is so dumb -.-

  • ewfe

    still i like lai yu xiang more =.=

  • Zen

    Jun Jie finally feel how Bi Ting feel when he was with Shu Xin **Jealousy**

  • Lynn6

    Yu Xiang is finally starting to show concern for Bi Ting … still too slow when we are at episode 12! Jun Jie seems to care so much for Bi Ting through his SMS messages but in front of Shu Xin, he simply has no courage to push her away … Bi Ting is starting to doubt if Jun Jie is real and of course it hurts to see Shu Xin keeps falling all over Jun Jie in public.

  • chen

    Some progress finally….
    The pace is way too slow~*sigh*

  • Anon

    they take way too long to get to the main point…always the boring stuff about work and business, are they ever gonna show the scenes they previewed?

  • whatzup

    forever their preview is different from the actual episode…. feel so cheated… whats the point of showing preview again?!

  • yeahit’shere

    finally… omg…thanks for uploading !