True Love 365 (求愛365) Episode 10

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Tipster Rednimer
  • gus

    i want junjie to be together w the biting

  • Lol

    Yu Xiang jiayouuuuu!!! Hehe, he jealous alr :’)


    This has got to be the slowest drama I’ve ever watched T____T
    I only started this drama cause I wanted to see the scene in the preview where Yu Xiang was comforting Bi Ting and she leans on his shoulder and how they were planting a tree together but like 10 episodes in and there is no CLIMAX at all

  • riki

    Initially I didn’t like Yu Xiang but now I disliked Jun Jie even more. At least Yu Xiang don’t play around with girls’ feelings and is honest but Jun Jie is taking advantage of Shu Xin’s feelings for him to advance his business and yet at the same time trying to get close to Bi Ting. I hope Bi Ting is smart enough to see through Jun Jie and dump him. Shu Xin and Jun Jie are birds of the same feathers and they can end up together. I am rooting for Yu Xiang and Bi Ting.

  • JT


    • Angie

      YESSSSS!!! I think there have two boys love Bi ting!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lynn6

    Yu Xiang acts cool but Jun Jie is naturally cool…that is the difference between the two brothers. Until now, nothing is happening between Bi Ting and Yu Xiang…has to be super fast relationship rushing through the rest of the episodes

  • DoubleChocoLateFrapee


  • zen

    bi ting should be with yu xiang!!

  • nrlly

    finally! some interaction between Bi ting and Yu Xiang!!!! next esp looks soo good!!!

  • chen

    Seems like Bi Ting is the only “normal“ character in the whole drama….

    • chen

      And the ex-wife of da ge….

  • Anon

    WOw! I can’t wait for the next episode seems interesting ^_^

  • jeiowj

    too be honest i don’t understand why people like 俊杰 more. He was sort of cheating the whole time even he didn’t meant it he should just push her away when the boss was trying kiss him. =.= I like san ge more

    • Mandy

      well out of the brothers hes more….”normal” or less crazy…until u find out hes playing wtih two girls feelings

  • Anon

    super fast! YAAAAAAAAAY!

  • SOS

    When will this show end???