True Love 365 (求愛365) Episode 03

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Tipster Rednimer
  • kamisama

    is there sub? hiks 🙁

  • reiko

    such a good looking cast! enjoying the story so far, hope it doesn’t get too nonsensical like other TW dramas

  • guest

    did anyone else notice part 3 1:25 and 3:20 its the same scene but different location. i was thinking it might be because of the angle but i dont think so….hahah

  • LOL the maid suddenly speak indonesian language,,make me shock

  • lisa law

    When are each of these episodes avaliable? Like every saturday or what? Just asking…

  • astris

    lol that bodyguard/driver is my favourite character!

  • Lynn6

    I like Johnny Lu from episode 1 but dont know when I will be convinced with Bryant’s acting in this drama. I am still going to follow through with this drama

  • Guest

    Bryant Chang is memorizing and spitting out his lines, not acting. Not ready for prime time as first male lead. Johnny Lu is more natural.

    • Lin

      I made exactly the same comments Before buying Chinese.

  • Joyee Wong


    • Guest

      Surely you gest, though Lene Lai isn’t playing a scheming, calculating, annoying character, her acting and looks still suck. Question, why is she in soooo many dramas… a real turnoff. Taiwan needs to step-up with more better actresses like Annie Chen who is beautiful, excellent actress and likable, worthy our precious time watching.

      • oiwjio

        Always annie chen annie chen…I know her acting is good but how boring will it be? plus her voice doesn’t even suit to act as this character duh

        stop being a bias

  • ls


    • amy


  • no pardon for lateness

    hey u r late for 5 hours

    • JQ

      are you serious. get out if you have no sense of appreciation.