To the Dearest Intruder (致, 第三者) Episode 11

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Tipster Rednimer
  • jj

    jia jian is just too cute XD <3 love you so much!! <3

  • hmmm…

    gosh ..this is getting so unbearable! why they make SQ so out of control now?? no interest to continue ..

  • Ann


  • Jetblackheart

    HAHAHAH the product placements in this show’s damn funny LOL

  • Evon Love Kylie

    I am unable to stream the video. Please fix it.

  • Crazy

    绍青 is a crazy bitch. She is ugly on the outside and inside. Totally EVIL.

  • Phirence

    why I cant stream all dailymotion???

  • Lynn6

    SQ is a sick woman…love or obssessed?

  • few

    I PREFER HER WITH the lawyer more XD

  • views

    SQ is mad….. -.-”
    JA should fight for her happiness.
    YH is useless, making 2 ladies suffer coz e dunno what he wants……

  • 709394

    JA & ZL part is super funny XD

  • Annie

    Honestly, the crazy that is SQ is becoming quite tiresome. I used to (sorta) like her upfront, assertive, independent spirit attitude. Now she is just a lame insecure psychopath. As much terrible as Amber An’s acting is, I am actually rooting for her character. Not sure how many more episodes of crazy we need to endure, but at least it looks like both YH and ZL will both end up falling for JA.

    Also, been wondering quite awhile — why is MM’s husband a woman? Could they not find another man to portray that role? Is it meant to be comical? Because frankly I find it lackluster and just really strange.

    • Jetblackheart

      OMG FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT. lol, meimei’s husband being a woman in real life. At first when they introduced “his” character, I felt how come the actor’s voice so high and odd. hahaha, then I recently saw she acted in the other new drama Taste of Love and realise “he” was a female actress. :O