Tie The Knot (媽咪的男朋友) Episode 70 The End

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  • jinny

    omg I’m so confused…why does her daughter call the other guy daddy at the end? ….

  • mei mei

    Hi may I know anyone go Shijia (Nylon Chen) ‘s consent on 25/10 at Legacy Taipei? G

  • COOL-B

    I have to admit Shi Jia’s acting had improved a lot in the last few episodes. Well done, feel more real.

    I really like the part where they were having their memorable tailor-made wedding – photo part, motel part, losing car and beach part and the vows.

    Also, like LYNN6 mentioned for once this is not rushing to end. It feels complete. Nicely done script writer!!

  • Fans

    Very sweet ending

  • mei mei

    Shijia & Xiaomei ~ perfect match because their was fated since their childhood.

  • mei mei

    Miss….xiaomei & shijia ….
    Mr Director how about Tie The Knot~part 2 ….

  • grc

    Thank you for the beautiful ending. Nice job!

  • mei mei

    I review at his concet just now….’eh’ this guy…
    he look like Jack Chau…face..

  • mei mei

    Hi guy Shijia sing so good. He is a singer …Nylon Chen.

  • mei mei

    So sweet and so nice ending♡♡. I promise i will keep this drama CD as one of my collection forever. Cheer♡♡♥♥·

  • Qiiiiiii

    The best ending ever! The best show! OMG so sweet!

  • CL

    I will miss haohao…

  • xmsj

    I wished this drama never ends….. it’s so nice ):

  • Lynn6

    So beautiful to see Shijia and Xiaomei finally together and an episode dedicated to them.
    Kingone Wang is good but Nylon Chen’s acting has improved as the drama progresses … don’t mind seeing more of him … doe-eyed and natural dazzling smile

    • mei mei

      Hi Lynn6 , are you go Nylon chen (Shijia) consent in Taipei on 25/10?

      • Lynn6

        No…wished I could … I will be travelling for work that week. Thanks

        • mei mei

          I see, best wishes to you. I actually want to ask who are going….they how to buy the tickets on line?

          • Lynn6

            I suggest you go to Nylon’s FB page to check it out as one fan showed picture of tickets (Indievox). I cannot post weblink but look for Indievox. Good luck!

          • mei mei

            Lynn6 , I m sorry, FB page is…? I am not familiar …how to do ?..I trying now…can help?

          • Lynn6

            Go to Nylon Chen facebook page or just search or google Indievox .. I can see Indievox on the ticket.

  • lol

    why everytime the guy who is acting as shi jia talk…it feels like ta zai lang xiong

  • Funnypie

    Finally!!shijia and xiaomei married