Tie The Knot (媽咪的男朋友) Episode 68

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Tipster Rednimer
  • mei mei

    Can anybody help? Can tell me where can buy the original vcd “tie the knot” , I tried Sunway pyramid,popular book shop, giant speedy, some vcd shop lot already, they don’t sale!! Please anyone can advise?Appreciate 🙂

    • zpq

      Hi. I dont think it is on sale yet? You can try checking around in the next few months? Because from what I know, it is not on sale in Taiwan yet. So it should not be available so soon ya~ hope this helps!

  • fjweioe

    I still don’t get why they eat all the chocolates instead of putting it back to the fridge?

  • Venus

    Haiz have to wait for episode 69! Anyone knows where i can find full episodes?

  • Happy

    So Rima is in bed with Steven just like I said. Time for more things to be stirred up again. Maybe time for real family to be together. Show time for Allan 🙂

  • dkeijolw

    that’s lame married couples going to bars -_- and get all drunk

    • Azian

      Yes Asian sure have a boring way to celebrate their bachelor party. Where are the strippers??

      • say what

        sick…gross….dirty minded…old man

    • wth

      they don’t have common sense…they’re married…want to get drunk…drink at the house instead of outside..

      • wth

        *less dangerous

      • mei mei

        I think it was Rima planning !!


    it was hilarious to see them stuffing themselves with chocolate. Sweet!

  • alba

    Anyone know in total how many episodes are there in this drama ? Just can’t wait to see the final episode and hope that it’s a happy ending for SJ and SM!

    • Geekifychic

      75 episodes in total

  • Bhappy

    Episode 69 will be aired on coming Monday. Happy waiting.

  • Bhappy

    Why is SJ still dragging his feet? He had already said SM is the only one he want to be with. What a wimp. It looks like he is all talk and no actions.

  • LEGO

    the preview show Uncle Lego and Li Xiao Mei were having hugs and kisses in front of the house after attending See Ting’s wedding. So I think, the scene is just to provoke us……

    Just irritating to see rima there…

  • mei mei

    Who watch episod 69 already? I am finding episod 69.how to find? Anyone got idea?

    • Duhk

      it didn’t come out yet

    • mei mei

      I think the drunk matter was planned by Rima.

  • Lynn6

    Why must the director throw in this scene of Shijia n Rima to cause a misunderstanding with Xiaomei?? Just wrap up the drama and get rid of Rima.I hope Shiting will help to clear the misunderstanding. Looks like Shijia will need Allan & Hao Hao’s help afterall.

    • Qiiiiiii

      I don’t think will have much misunderstanding as their clothes are still on. Xiao Mei will trust Shi Jia.

  • Minmin00

    No preview???