Tie The Knot (媽咪的男朋友) Episode 67

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Tipster Rednimer
  • marian

    Rima good guy….

  • marian

    Yang Jinhua very beauitfully and smile very sweet…and great artress…

  • marian

    i love Nylon and Yang Jinhua

  • Happy

    So anyone think SM will find SJ with Rima in bed together? Wait till tomorrow 🙂

  • Bhappy

    Love this episode.
    * cutesy quality between HH & Allan ( salute to SM for being sporting)
    * wild imaginations on overdrive between SM & SJ.
    * happy events for 3 secondary couples.

    Just nervous about party pooper Rima’s role, from SM’s shocked expression, she found them in a compromising situations. Sigh, sigh, just when we think that everything is going to be fine and dandy, we have a new monkey ranch thrown in.

  • Alba

    Looks like something terrible is going to happen between them! I hope SM will understand SJ and don’t mistaken him with Rima. Somebody must tell that Rima woman to back off, she is such a thick-skin person! hate her so much!!!

  • jdoiewd

    what the hell…I know u’re happy but u shouldn’t go drunk….when no one is there to back u up

    • Don’t

      Well said…rima also should not take advantage of him…. Don’t let that happen script writer. That is too ugly to watch, unbearable, yuk ki and bad taste.

  • jdoiewd

    i’m hungry

  • Qiiiiiii

    OMG Shi Jia make me laugh like mad! Kanna expose by Xiao Mei! OMG! Funny!

  • Qiiiiiii

    I’m sure Rima won’t get to ruin Shi Jia and Xiao Mei as Xiao Mei believes in Shi Jia, she trust him! <3

    • WHY

      in the preview she looks sad/shock when she walked out from his apartment.

  • Funnypie

    Why did shi ting call shi jia to come in next episode
    I hate rima so much

    • AGREE

      yes, doesn’t make any sense, why didn’t she call Xio Mei, but rima????? all wrong….. big mistake.
      Go away rima

      • Go away

        Ya. Why get rima there instead of Xio Mei. Silly billy. Script either you got it all wrong.

  • GATE

    ha ha a …. Sze Jia was so disappointed when he realise it was steam boat not he expected…hilarious. give me 30 mins I will give you something you will never forget. They are becoming more natural together as a couple…..that is really nice to watch.

    Please do not let rima ruin the relationship….. I will be very very crossed if he got drunk and have that woman in his bed. That will be the most disgusting thing…..ever.

    • Funnypie

      Yup …shi jia was funny when he realise it was steamboat not….
      Rima is ruining shijia and xiaomei’s relationship.