Tie The Knot (媽咪的男朋友) Episode 66

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Tipster Rednimer
  • allan go awag

    Al has been alone for so long and once he gets something precious he isn’t willing to give it up . On the other hand Xiao mei has had Haohao for 6 years and watched her grow. Allan has no right to claim HH since that forbids the law. Allan would never had stayed back in Taiwan if he didn’t know Haohao was his daughter and Allan probably has many families out there, he is just not willing to give up something so precious cause he doesn’t want to be alone which is selfish in many ways if you think about it.

  • Ben

    AL has no right to claim HHS. He is only biological father of a testube baby who has signed away his right. Legally he is not supposed to know about HH. Even he knows about it, he cannot admit that he is the father

  • ROMeo

    That is very romantic of Sze Jia to appear at the camping ground to give Xio Mei a surprise. hugs and kisses. Well done , protect your woman and your child.

  • Bhappy

    Way to go Allan; time to self evaluate and do damage control. Be a great father and friend, do what is best for HH, SM and SJ.

  • Lynn6

    Xiaomei’s mum words have managed to convince Allan … good that he is rethinking the situation and not pushes his way. I am sure he will gain acceptance eventually as “father” from Hao Hao and Xiaomei. Preview … Shijia looks nervous when Xiaomei drove into a motel??

    • CUTE

      That is really cute of Xe Jia when Xiao Mei was driving to the Motel.
      “it is a little too soon to do that” ha ha ha. What is he thinking.