Tie The Knot (媽咪的男朋友) Episode 65

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  • mei mei

    Shijia ( nylon chen) his concert on 25/10/14 in Taiwan is anybody go?

  • TGIF

    OMG… I cannot stand Rima…. buzz off!

  • Geekifychic

    If it was okay for every sperm donor to just show up and demand rights to there kid no woman would use the system for fear of there child being taken away by a man she doesn’t know. That’s why they have confidentiality agreements so that the woman using the service can feel safe any child they have will be there child.

  • lol

    I dislike the way xiao mei’s brother talks to allan…allan helped him out a lot…why is he talking like he commands allan to not do this and that when seeing hao hao…instead of trying to see in allan’s perspective…he is forcing allan out of boundary…

    • passingthrough

      Dude he is right though
      If allen donated his sperm he signed a confidentiality agreement. The firm has no right to release his information to the family that got his sperms and vice versa. He has no rights to any children created from his sperm. In the US or in Taiwan. If the writers try to bend the law then they are gonna create false ideas about the actual law.

  • fewijol

    the script writer’s trying to make allan look bad loool

  • i h8 allan liu

    well the report isn’t fake unless rima had some connection with the guy from NY since she used to be in NY…

    • ewfew

      possibly… rima fake the report….just to win shijia’s love

      • Funnypie

        I Wish the report is fake…

  • fewjiofewjio


  • Girls

    Ok this show is close to an ending now. I still feel the chemistry between xiomei and shijia is off. The interaction and chemistry is not connected when they are a couple. Go Allan and be a good dad for houhou.


    Well done Allan, you have chosen not to join the evil woman, you have your integrity and good friendship with Sze Jia and xio mei don’t loose that.

    Just hope Sze Jia dad and mum will not give him pressure.

  • XM&SJ

    Good to see Xio Mei and Sze Jia progress, very happy,sweet and warmth.

    Go away Rima there is no room for you here.

  • Lynn6

    Looks like Allan is going to upset Xiaomei by pushing his way to claim legal right as father to Hao Hao. Xiaomei’s brother was correct that Allan has given up his right. Happy to see Shijia and Xiaomei much closer with each other now!


    Very happy for Zhi Ling and 馬兩傳 YAY 🙂

  • Bhappy

    Oh no, Rima is evil. She is bulldozing it through with her wedding scheme! Just thankful that Allen did not agree to join forces with her to break up SM and SJ.