Tie The Knot (媽咪的男朋友) Episode 64

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Go Allan

    Ummn people don’t be mad at Allan for this. It is Shi Jia who did the paternity test hoping he is the father. It back fired on him and he should have never done anything like this without permission.

  • 小蘋果

    I can kind of relate to 曉梅’s feelings.. the moment the dad comes back you don’t know if he’ll take custody or not..太可怕了。。曉梅加油啦!全單親媽咪知道你感覺!

  • I h8 Allan Liu

    Why can’t it just end happily… getting too messy

  • Bhappy

    When the adults get involved without a clear mind it’s going to get real ugly. Wished they will be able to reflect over their rash actions and think it through from HH’s perspective. I really do not want to see HH being traumatic over any possible custody battle. She loves mommy XM. She also adores Allan, and to learn that he is (test tube) daddy is tuff to handle for a six years old.

    Mr. Writer, please please consider HH’s tender age, make it a win-win outcome for her. She is just too adorable to be caught by the battles or mum, biological dad and future daddy.

  • hou hou

    Li Ma Ma is really sweet, she cooks so many different types of vege for Sze Jia. Chekky…. yet very lovely.

  • Lynn6

    Yes … why must Allan disclose in front of Hao Hao, he should pick an appropriate time after discussing with Xiaomei. In the first place, should never have known the identity of the donor.

    • baby

      She forbid him from seeing his own daughter. He was just reacting to her. This is very normal reaction.

  • Ummm

    Hmmm..the preview..I seen an envelope..I still think its a false report. I still think Shi JIa is the father..Idk

    • Ummm

      Also..Allan should have really taken the high road here..Xiao Mei was obviously upset…why would he say that in front of the child. I thought he had matured from the beginning until now. Thats why I think Shi Jia is the father. It doesnt “feel right” with Allan for some reason to me. Ugh..I just want happy/sweet moments for the last 11 eps:/

      • fewoi

        …well because all he has left is hao hao no other family…the grandpa is not blood related I guess

    • Maybe

      the letter is probably from Allan Lui (lawyer)wanted to get the custody of Hou Hou

      • Ummm

        Yeah I thought about that too, but I am hoping its a false report. I just don’t think its a need for things to get messy with a custody battle in the last few eps.

      • ihu

        OH NO how did this turn out…this way

  • 冬冬


  • abc

    when allan liu voluntarily sold his sperms in the United States to the sperm bank, he has essentially given up his ownership. he has no right to claim his custody over hao hao now. The mother should have full ownership and custody of the child.

    • eiowf

      so may I ask whatsup with this pointless fight LOL

    • Guest

      The law is never clear when you have children. The fact is they live in Taiwan so it doesn’t matter if the sperm is donated or not in the US.

    • :)

      What u say is true ! Agree!

  • Funnypie

    Hahahhah shi jia dress up so funny in part two.

    • grc

      agree and a cute one