Tie The Knot (媽咪的男朋友) Episode 63

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  • Bhappy

    * It is destiny that XM met SJ at the sandy beach as a young girl.
    * It is destiny that Allan met XM & HH after six years.
    If SJ did not initiated the DNA testing, then it is all XM/SJ win win scenarios.

    With this new plot twist, it will be interesting to see how writer/producer wrap this up amicably.

  • guest

    Go Allan …. I know good thing will happen 🙂

  • No

    *is allan planning something…please don’t have spoiler…that allan take advantage..of that..

  • mygosh

    what’s with the music -.- at the end..honestly why does xiao mei needs to hesitate…just go with shi jia already… and allan still get to see his little cute daughter

  • ewio

    hao hao’s first kiss with allan LOL XD

  • nyhaa

    ma liang chuan lol lol lol xd

  • xxxxx

    好好很容易收買。。all about ICECREAM

  • TLC

    i like the message from xiao mei to Sze Jia. “I had borrowed a can of spinach from Popeye” to give you the strength. Remember to eat it 🙂

    You won’t loose me, because i will never leave you.
    MORe of Xio Mei Showing tender love for Sze Jai.

  • Lynn6

    Agree…so awkward even though Shijia tried to put on a brave face since he himself made the decision to let Allan know.
    Lets see Xiaomei’s reaction in the next episode … again glad that Shijia did not dodge the issue too long and let Xiaomei know. Well, Hao Hao can have 2 fathers..Shijia just have to get used to the fact that Allan will be around but so long as he has Xiaomei’s love and trust, it should be sufficient …


    This is getting very very messed up….. don’t like it at all.
    Xio Mei please do not let the DNA results affect your relationship with see jia.

    Xio Mei might be upset they took Hou Hou hair sample for DNA test without her consent, I hope she still stick to See Jia.

    • Rae

      I agree, especially the look in Allan’s eyes at the last part… Not sure what that means though. But I think Allan deserves to know hao hao is his daughter and the time spent together.

    • jfwieo


    • jnonono

      but screw her = = there must be only one father…then why not xiao mei x shi jia…then allan can still come to see his daughter..problem solved…the end omgosh