Tie The Knot (媽咪的男朋友) Episode 62

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  • abc

    Allan says ‘it has been six years and I don’t even aware of her existence’.
    Allan, you probably have other relatives all over the world that you are not aware of since you had sold your sperms to the sperms bank!!

  • abc

    Hao Hao’s father can be anyone. Allan just coincidentally becomes her father. This shouldn’t change XiaoMei’s feelings towards Shijia..if it is true love. It is good to have another person loves Haohao apart from XiaoMei and Shijia.

  • Guest

    Yea I knew Allan won’t leave and the plot would twist. Go Allan I am on your side.

  • Bhappy

    Allan’s mum in heaven must have petioned to all the goddess and angels to swing it in Allan’s favor. Maybe I am the only odd one out; I like this twist, SJ gets XM as the soul mate and Allan has Hoa Hoa as family. I also like the bromance between SJ & Allan.

    Let’s hope there is no change of hearts either from XM or SJ in view of known variables, Allan is Hoa Hoa’s dad and Rima’s intended bride groom is SJ.

  • Mj

    I am so sad for shijia for being insecure… But i cant blame him… Who is not right? Your love rival is the sperm donor of your girlfriends daughter… Of course he will feel out of place knowing he will never have a child with xm as well… But just like what i always say hao hao is a test tube baby… So it doesnt matter who the father is… What matters most who do you want to spend your life with…

    But i like how shijia is so pure and noble when he helped hao hao find allan and told him about the report. Some people will just pretend that they didnt know or totally ignore it all at once….

  • 小蘋果

    I bet you Rima made a fake report through some connection lol.. but just a theory lol cause she wants 世家 so bad


    I find something fishy about the DNA report… As in usually when they know about the truth, they will start to recall how it happened… But it doesn’t seem to be the case for this because it didn’t show any parts of how Allan became Haohao’s biological father. I don’t know, it’s just my opinion. Maybe they will explain this part in next few episodes.

  • Geekifychic

    for everyone mad at SJ for being depressed remember from like episodes 20-50 she wasn’t paying him no attention at all she just started liking him where as he has liked her this whole time so of course he is going to be insecure since this was one of her big hang ups.

  • noe

    i’m sure allan will make the right choice….he won’t take advantage of that so I honestly dk what shijia is so worry that xiao mei will change her mind of marrying him just because of that…

    • fweio

      if the report turns out to be wrong..then eff u drama..allan’s gonna be heartbroken again for god who knows how many times already.. but shi jia worries too much….have some confidence…geez..if she loves you you will love 4ever…

  • Lynn6

    Shijia’s face is all disappointment tonight. He still lacks confidence with his relationship with Xiaomei, not knowing if Xiaomei can handle the truth and still love him even if Hao Hao’s father is Allan

    • sos

      Poor Sze Jia

  • Shi jia and xiao mei

    Shi jia 加油

  • Funnypie

    Why????why hao hao’s father is allan not shijia
    So sad

  • Geekifychic

    I really wish they had made SJ the father because they acted like father and daughter from the beginning and Hou Hou always liked him. But I do understand this is there way of keeping Allen in the story can’t be both the father and get with the girl.

    • eiijf

      more like 1 get the girl 1 get to be the father..although I was supporting allan…there’s no point of xiao mei and allan get together anymore because of that dna thing…if she loves shi jia then go on…its bullshit if she just change of heart in a split second.again

  • Qiiiiiii

    What is this? If the report turn out to be fake then 子俊 very sad sia… somemore好好cannot have two fathers, the show will be meaningless… 晓玫 please don’t give up on 世家 because of this~

    • fjieow

      this is messed up….poor kid…maybe end like this probably 0.1%…chance…: xiao mei still x shi jia…but then allan can come to see his daughter…anyday

      • Qiiiiiii

        The ending won’t be nice then, quite of meaningless to choose boyfriend when in the end her daughter has two father><