Tie The Knot (媽咪的男朋友) Episode 61

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  • Hai yuh

    Looks like most of the people is putting their bet on Allan Liu as the dad. If that is the case, too sad for both the boys- See Jia and sad Allan.

    Allan get to be the dad but don’t get to be the husband.
    Sze Jia get to be the husband don’t get to be the dad.

    • feoi

      exactly…it’s hard for the kid though

  • 默默


  • Ai2

    weirdest…taiwanese drama that I have ever seen…every 2 episode one plot twist.
    Let’s not put too much hope in anything..

  • anni

    easy happy ending just say the dna report is false then allan’s :'(

  • say what

    OH 70 EPISODES OHH. I didn’t realize that…No wonder so much stupid plot twist

  • guest

    Go Allan… I know you will be back sooner the expected.

  • Mj

    Too much twist already… I dont care who is the real dad anymore… What is important is who do you want to be with for the rest of your life… Coz in the first place hao hao is still a test tube baby…

    • jfiewo

      true..but its only good if they keep it as a secret from hao hao…but honestly too much plot twist I still can’t believe allan is the father..because at first when they first met she dislikes him unlike shi jia hao hao first saw him she already have some liking towards him…just like a daughter and father would do if they have…same bloodline

      • ‘duh

        this drama is messed up…

        • jfwieo

          are they gonna plot twist..give us some hopes …allan’s back to with hao hao then all of the sudden…the dna report was reported to be false/wrong…then allan’s left ALONE again. (I JUST DONT HOLD ANY HOPE FOR ALLAN)

  • fewfew

    maybe the dna report switch over…and was wrong…-.- if not too much plot twist this drama will never end omgosh -.-

  • feiojw

    her mother is way too hyper

    • just a guest

      but it’s funny ^^

  • Lynn6

    Looking at Shijia’s face at preview … he is not the father, so Allan is? So why is Allan leaving still …Shijia should have left things as is .. better unknown

    • mmaggie

      well you never know…what if SJ found out that he is the father & was in shock!

      • Funnypie

        Wish shi jia is hao hao’s father

        • Yes

          Yes yes yes!

    • whatthe

      but how the heck did he got allan’s dna = =..I think allan will let them together…but he will still come see hao hao..well these JUST SOUNDS MESSED UP

      • whatthe

        *it likes the mother has affair with some other guy…*

  • FISH

    It feels like See Jia’s hug is not very warmth, may need a little bit more experience in acting lessons…… he may have very charming smile. An experience actor can make you feel the love they have for each other. Little movement towards each other and expression represents a lot of unspoken love language.
    Xioa MeI + See Jia = YAY

  • MLC

    看山爬棋下電影…. 馬兩傳 you had added some extra value to this episode. I had a good laugh watch him.

  • abc

    Allan Liu is the father of Hao Hao!!!

    • mmaggie

      hm…i dont know about that…

    • :'(

      most likely…too much plot twist HONESTLY THIS DRAMA DOESNT MAKE SENSE.

  • WhoIsTheDAD

    Who is the daddy?
    Can’t wait to find out….. Fingers crossed is Sze Jia. Otherwise the relationship will be too awkward.


    Disappointed to see Sze Jia didn’t manage to propose in public, BUT at least he got to say in private when Sioa Mei send him home after drinking. LOVE YA 🙂