Tie The Knot (媽咪的男朋友) Episode 60

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Tipster Rednimer
  • marian

    all actor and actress very great…..good drama

  • baby

    Yawn…. I am so bored of shi jia and xiao mei I actually fell asleep twice trying to watch this episode. Not watching it anymore 🙁

  • Lynn6

    What is Rima trying to do??? Director … please get rid of Rima, she is so unnecessary in this drama. There is no need to drag to 80 episodes, focus on the couple happiness and close the show unless we are bringing Allan back. Rather see Allan stay and Rima leaves for the US for good

    • yes

      yes get rid of her… wasting time

    • anni

      rima is only minor character not really main so she won’t really come and go all of the sudden… (from wiki)

  • weirdo

    Don’t understand why See Jia even bother to accept the agreement from”Lima”. If I am See Jia, I will just reject her and not bother to take the agreement.

    in the preview See Jia said “you filled my life with joy, therefore I want you to remember me for longer ?” what does it meant by that… is he planning to leave?

    • jieow

      rima LOL when did she became lima…

      • weirdo

        I did it on purpose “jieow”… Lima is a kind of animal aka Lemur (just in case you didn’t know what is “aka”- also known as

    • owe

      this plot never make sense…if he loves xiao mei why the heck is he affected by rima’s plot of the stupid marrying shit….

      • weird

        agree with you

  • Noodles

    馬兩傳 is so funny… i need to fart. H HAHA haaaaa haaaa

    • Funnypie

      Yup…thats the funniest part in this episode.

  • Darling

    xioa mei looks so beautiful when she open the door at the hospital.