Tie The Knot (媽咪的男朋友) Episode 57

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  • yanaliao

    Omg there’s no chemistry at all between Shi Jia and Xiao Mei. 🙁 Poor Alan Liu.

  • funnypie

    I hate Allan and Rima
    but i hope rima can be Allan’s girlfriend

    • ewjfio

      ew no

      • Funnypie

        Why not????

  • bitch pls

    and oh no what did shi jia and rima did = = don’t tell me they have xxx

    • no

      maybe its pin kang…and his girlfriend…but the voice part sounds like shi jia and rima l0l

      • funnypie

        wish is pin kang and her girlfriend

  • ijoewfew

    allan’s all alone again…poor character…what blurt reason to say..although its expected…if the writer write..about shi jia getting dumped by xiao mei…he wouldn’t know how to continue to write.. (it would have been boring like he’s so upset that he flied to America) but allan’s easier to write and more space to go on due to his personality..and the weirdo second lead female is unnecessary…the theory of this drama is allan’s forever alone = shi jia gets whatever he wants that’s the drama theory it has nothing to do with love but writer bias lol

  • jiweo

    shi jia with hao hao I find it awkward …?he really doesn’t like kid xd O_O

  • Geekifychic

    So you have her choose SJ get rid of Allen and now you going to have SJ misunderstand over a eyelash. Make up your mind writers do you actually want her in a relationship or not ugh

  • Nateby

    So she chose SJ….the drama has turned boring…nothing to look forward to anymore…zzz. See SJ’s face and reaction want to sleep. (No offence to SJ supporters). XM’s reason for choosing SJ is rather lame. Ep 57 is last episode for me.. Sayonara…

    • Kingonefan

      Fully agree with you….the drama will definitely be boring without Allan. I am going to say sayonara to this drama too.

    • Bhappy

      XM is too overwhelmed by two suitors; in a totally confused state, she is taking the steady, reliable and “unadventourous” suitor. She is moved/touched by what Allen had done for her . He love her unconditionally, she appreciates it except that she is unwilling to take the plunge with Allen. My opinion…
      XM + Allan = Romance, passion, family values(embrace the total package) etc.
      XM + SJ = Lack luster, good companionship, grow old gracefully during the winter years (if mother-in-law does not turn evil).

      Now, if the writer does not add in some twists to spur XM to reexamine her choice, I am done with this drama.

  • Qiiiiiii

    Seems like 晓玫really like 世家! Yeah!

    • marian

      real life…together very good….wish!!!!

  • Ireallydontcare

    Since Allan Has no hope yeah since he’s not the main character….. I don’t want to watch this show again. .. I hope this show can quickly end because George Hu will be in the next show… Omg. Can’t Wait…

    • jfiowefe

      he’s suppose to be the main character but wtf…now its clear he’s not but only the second male lead…aw man can’t believe I watch this and get a crappy ending

      • ireallydontcare

        Lol. Ikr… I don’t want to watch this again.. Hopefully this show can end quicklyyy!. I can’t wait for the new drama

    • Lynn6

      Yes, am also anticipating 2 new dramas, one with Chris Wang and another with George Hu … cannot wait as running out of good ones to watch.

      • ireallydontcare

        Yess. Ikr. Chris Wang ‘s drama will begin after Pleasantly Surprised / 喜歡·一個人……….
        I can’t Wait……….

  • Maybe

    I am guessing Oh Ping Khang and See Ting got drunk and ended up in the motel …..????

  • Lynn6

    This episode went by so quickly tonight … dragging a little .. nothing has moved from last episode …some distraction here and there. Allan tried to stay positive … must hurt alot. Preview – Why Fuzhong needs to confess … thought he already did the previous episode!