Tie The Knot (媽咪的男朋友) Episode 56

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  • ohno

    He’s gonna leave? :'( whyy…I know he’s love sick

  • NO

    I wanna see the clip allan made though what is it all about can’t wait for next ep <3

  • NO

    nooo…farewell party

  • Ummm

    This is one of the most polarizing, comment boards I have been on regarding a drama. People either like Allan and hate Shi Jia, or like Shi Jia and hate Allan. Am I the only one who really didn’t care who she ends up with? I think both guys are good catches, no one is perfect. I started watching because it was nice to see a show about a single, successful mother in a drama for once.

    • jfiow

      well..because the way the drama heading is sort of strange…you see.. the main female lead…one episode acts like she falls in love and next episode she acts like nothing happen and have feeling for another guy instead…and next episode it happen again…its like one episode that dude another episode the other dude. I can’t even tell its the main female actor not acting well..or the script ask her to act that way…I’m super confuse with her expression feeling embarrassed or….something

      • jfoie

        *and the camera…they are JUST a few distance away HOW COULD SHE NOT HEAR WHAT HE SAID…unless she didn’t concentrate or something

      • Ummm

        Yeah, I agree with you that one episode she seems to be leaning toward one guy than the next toward the other. But thats not a reason for people to hate one guy over the other imo. I think this drama should have been a lot shorter than 75 eps. Honestly they could have wrapped everything up in maybe like 30-40 eps. I think the back and forth between men is them trying to drag out the story to 75 eps.

  • 1010

    what did allan wrote? I want to know is it ‘miss memory’?? or something else !!?

  • Qiiiiiii

    I hope 晓玫 doesn’t get angry with 世家>< When she look at 世家, it's kind of scary.. Please just be with 世家!

    • fweewf

      angry with what lol

      • Qiiiiiii

        Hahaha I saw a fans got comment that’s why! Angry bcos her daughter call 世家 爸爸?哈哈, my wrong :p

  • Mj

    I love seeing shijia and hou hou 🙂

  • Geekifychic

    Back on board with this drama I’m glad I have more adorable Hou Hou and Shia Jia moments to look forward to. Hopefully with whatever pairing they do decide to put together they actually have Xiao Mei express some type of romantic emotions towards the guy.

  • Bhappy

    Allen Liu, I am proud of you. Three is definitely a crowd! You bowed out with style and let your Goddess go find her happiness. I wonder, if the reverse is true, will SJ be able embrace any setback gallantly.

    Will Allen disappear after the press conference? Uncle noodles said he does that often for self healing. Going to miss his wisdom and overall awesomeness!

  • Lynn6

    This episode is all Allan and XM … well there are still many episodes to go so lets see if there is anymore twist and turn but not too long, else dragging. I like both guys…they are both different in their own way ..the show needs XM to end up with one of them

  • ze

    seriously why can’t for once , the second male lead actually gets the girl like what the heck dude we all seen what ALLAN did for XM
    XM i am so disappointed in you
    I watched another episode in hopes of a twist at the end , but now im done . so done with this show.

    • Jellyxxxbean

      Erm….chill? It’s just a drama.
      You might have another twist, perhaps hao hao is Allan’s daughter… But then again I think xiaomei is still going to end up with shijia. That’s how unexplainable love is like, both guys are good in their own ways I love both, I think Xiao mei does too, but Cupid just matches shijia with her. The second male in this case is just scripted as a nice guy who have good sportsmanship, I love how he dares to love and give blessings.

      • Nateby

        I’ve the same thought, that Allan might be the biological regardless of who XM ends up with. 20 more episodes is enough for one or two more twist then …closure. Lol. Cried like mad tho, poor but gallant & magnimous Allan. IMHO, all SJ seems to have given to XM are tubs of ice-creams…the rest of the time… clueless. Ok.. Don’t flame me.. Just my thots.

        • Confuse

          Y DO THe script NEED TO HAVE A PLOT TWIST EVERY EFFING episode…ITs like she falls for shi jia one episode then allan next ep then shi jia again omgosh

          • Ummm

            Yeah, I think all these plot twist are them trying to make sure they have enough episodes to reach 75 lol! They should have made this a shorter drama.

    • Kingonefan

      With Allan opting out, I guess I am also done with this show. Nothing much to look forward to other than who will be Hao Hao’s biological father….will be boring without Allan after XM

    • fewfw

      Clearly this drama is not based on logic….but bias…the only miracle of second lead male…getting the girl that he actually likes IS THIS 金大花的華麗冒險…but clearly because the second lead male wins everything from the first male lead have frame and everything so..its different from this..:'(

    • Anon

      Because when the second lead gets the girl… They become the first lead lol…….

    • anni

      first male lead not second…

  • EEE

    Allan Liu is a good man. A person who know how to love and give blessings to the person he loves.

    Looks like Hou Hou found her dad….. Sze Jia WOW. Wonder who is the biological father to Hou Hou. Either of them or non of them?

    • Bhappy

      That’s the mystery we are waiting anxiously for. The writer will surely give another plot twist with Allen as the biological dad. HH & Allen shared artistic talent and love swimming.

      • Nateby

        Yeah…it would be like a “consolation prize” for Allan. HH so cheeky and playful.. more like Allan. Haiz….cross my fingers…