Tie The Knot (媽咪的男朋友) Episode 55

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Cute

    Like to see how See Jia not paying any attention to rima.

  • justsaying

    All in all ,
    Love IS BLIND!!

  • Isabell

    Yeah~~ SJ and XM~ I’ve been hoping them to get together since ep 1. Allen was more like a helpful friend than a love interest… Felt really strange to see XM choosing Allen as a partner…

    • anni

      real friend won’t be like this…are u serious… -.- try find a friend like allan see what..

  • Funnypie

    Yay ! Finally Shi jia and Xiao mei.
    Feeling happy for Shi jia

  • sj+xm

    yay for shijia! =^ ^= i feel sad for allan but all is fair (or unfair) in love

  • shi wang

    i think is totally nonsense

  • tiffany

    this show some part is kinda nonsense…

  • tiffany

    i think LZJ is a better choice for XM support LZJ

  • Ben

    LZJ is a better choice. WSJ is too pampered. Marrage will not last with the pressure from parents. WSJ is younger have inmature in love. This is more of infactuation for him. After married for 3 years he will soon regret without his own children. Bit it will be different for LZJ which is the other way round.

  • Grc

    Getting better, love XM and SJ, perfect couples. 100% support

  • J

    woah im really disappointed at this twist. really.

  • Cola Ng

    Nooo… dont want XiaoMei and ShiJia together == She is better off with Allan.
    This drama doesn’t make sense… XM should choose the one (clearly Allan) that has made her grow and develop into a better person, and not the guy (ShiJia) who’s been there and was to weak sauce to help her solve her inner problems…

    • Janx

      love is sometimes illogical too isn’t it haha… sometimes you just cant help falling in love with someone even though there are others’ suitors who are much better.

      Even though SJ didn’t actually solve her problems but from the flashbacks I guess XM feels that SJ is always there for her when she needs help… (even though Allan is also there but still…)

      • anni

        this is a drama not some love shit… there’s just no way she’s gonna fall in love like that…the way she acts doesn’t look like she falls in love…at ALL -simply say the actor doesn’t know how to act that’s why us viewer thought she was heading that way but actuallyt he other way

  • Geekifychic

    Not saying I didn’t want that at the beginning but I’m a bit shocked it happened at this point felt really late.

  • Wtf is wrong with u director

    Just like what I said before shi jia always get whatever he wants…Sick. Bias. Director

  • oh no u don’t

    I rather allan alone than paired with a stranger rima…for no reason..when rima is coming for shi jia so fk off….

    • Bhappy

      I concur with, rebound love is not for Allen, the thoughtful gentleman.

  • Mj

    Shijia all the way!!! But im not going keep my hopes up coz i still dont know what could happen… Who is the boy in the picture that xm was holding?

    • Final


  • ze

    i dont want to watch this anymore
    im a hardcore allen supporter
    i hate you shijia

    • Qiiiiiii

      Please don’t hate>< Love is letting the one you love be happy even though it hurts.

  • Bhappy

    Gutsy Allen, at least you asked XM directly whether she had given you a fair opportunity! Hoa Hoa’s phone pranks almost give me a heart attack.

    • HOu Hou

      Well done Hou Hou….. Uncle Lego probably have the best sleep that night

      • Bhappy

        Yeah, u bet I am positive he had some wild dreams too .hehe.
        The conversation that HH & Allen shared about their mutual interests should also throw some lights of plot twists.

  • Qiiiiiii

    曉玫finally go according to her heart! 曉玫世家<3 子俊 and Rima actually is quite cute together so ya~


    Getting closer to ending, the next challenge will be the mum.

    It looks like in the preview for next episode, Allan is letting Xiao Mei go, great man. Hope he ended up with Rima. I think Rima and Alllan might work 🙂

    • oh no u don’t

      ew no. don’t just put him up with anyone just cause…u want shijia with xiao mei…

  • Jellyxxxbean

    OMG SJ and Xiao Mei..finally there’s some major advancement…. But poor Allan.