Tie The Knot (媽咪的男朋友) Episode 54

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Guest

    OMG there suppose 70+ episode of this show and I hope it will not just be back and forth with the two men over Xiao Mei every day. We are at ep 54 and it doesn’t seem like there are one better then the other. I still like Allan to be with her.

  • Niel

    Why does zi jun looks at the picture hao hao drew…strangely..anyone know ?

  • Bhappy

    I wish the writer had let SJ fight his own battle rather than giving him reinforcement via machination fr dad/mom. Allen has to fight his own battle! XM is still unsure, uncertain about committing to either one and we are kept in suspense.

    • 10 out of 10 annoyed

      the writer is clearly going for SJ…look at the surrounding characters…parents..shi jia’s sister…rima…most of them are focused on shijia only little on allan (I know he’s an ‘orphan’ now but that doesn’t mean he won’t have friends like shi jia has) -_-

      • 10 out of 10 annoyed

        *and yeah he has tons of people being there to support him while…allan…what does he have? almost…nothing…but himself..its really a sad fact…but if the writer likes to go for sj…what else..can I do..it already decided since the beginning

        • Decided

          Yep xiao mei acts like she pity zijun -.- which makes me rage most of the time

  • oh no

    oh no….is allan going to let go of her for real this time like in episode 45 ><

  • iof

    shi jia + his family gives xiao mei troubles =/ allan solves xiao mei’s ‘puzzle’

  • hurrah

    yeaaa next episode…!! I don’t know why I love to see some sour part from allan..instead of shi jia (shi jia is so annoying when he’s upset so)…

  • omgosh

    This is just weird…Xiao mei keeps changing her feeling…at the beginning.acting like heart beats for shi jia then allan then shi jia again.

  • iejw

    whatever is going to happen I want to see what allan ‘s gonna done <3

    • iejw


  • Qiiiiiii

    Yeah!! 曉玫世家<

  • Jellyxxxbean

    Omg can’t wait for the next episode! Can’t believe this is the reason why I actually wish weekdays come faster….

  • DOVE

    I think See Jia dad might step in to help his son to get a wife… I looks like the anniversary surprise party is just a way for xio mdi to know see jia better.


    hou hou… you are soooo cute. Chubby and adorable 🙂