Tie The Knot (媽咪的男朋友) Episode 53

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  • fjrio

    allan got used…

  • Geekifychic

    I feel bad because I have lost interest in this show. I like Kingone Wang as a actor and I have liked his other projects but I personally don’t like Allen the character annoys me and now that it’s pretty clear that he is who she will end up with I don’t know if I want to finish this drama since it another 22 episodes.

  • huh

    I’m really confused…every episode she acts so differently…one episode she acts like she’s affected…the next episode acts completely lik enothing happened

  • babygirl

    I don’t like shijia. I want her to be with Allan. If she choose to spend more time with Allan I am happy and I hope they end up together.

    • Bhappy

      I am with you. Shi Jia comes thru as immature (just my opinion). He is now pursuing Xio Mei more aggressively since he perceived that Allan is gaining some ground. SJ is so focused on XM, that he is oblivious of RIma’s agenda of making him her bride groom. The love square is getting interesting. Rima & XM like SJ. Allan & SJ like XM. Simultaneously, XM is also exploring nurturing a relationship with Allan which is a sensible decision. Rima is set to marry her love in six months. Allan is oozing with confidence that he will be successful in end. So game on.

      I am cheering team Allan/XM

  • Mj

    I feel bad shijia… He is just too much of a nice guy ;( and everyone knows that nice guys finishes last… ;(

    • oo

      in what way is he a nice guy l0l…he doesn’t like kid…he acts like…he just play with the kid…because she’s xiao mei’s daughter…

  • ewjio

    stop teasing the audiences…just choose already t_T

  • fwef

    noooooooooo if rima is going to be with allan screw this drama

    • Smile

      I’ve got a feeling where XM will finally realize how much SJ mean to her and end up with him and whereas Allen will be with Rima as they get to ken so each other more.. It’s a drama anyways it will b boring if SJ end up with Rima on d wedding day and Allen ends up with XM ..

  • jiewo

    wow i bet that hair… he went for dna check probably…

  • ze


  • uuu

    Who is she to judge Xio Mei has not try to tell Xhe Jia to stop the relationship. Rima is so annoying.

    • lin

      i guess because rima is also suffering from xio mei’s indecisiveness… so she doesn’t really have other choise…