Tie The Knot (媽咪的男朋友) Episode 52

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  • Qiiiiiii

    Shi Jia is not annoying, he just want to let Xiao Mei have onfidence and follow her heart!


    Finally, they might be using Hoa Hoa’s hair sample for DNA test. it is about time. in real life, the percentage of hoa hoa being See Jia or Allan Lui ‘s daughter is ridiculously low, because there could be hundreds sperm donor out there. …..

    • Bhappy

      Shi Jia has gone over the top! My opinion this is a violation of Xio Mei and Hoa Hoa’s personal space. What rights does he has to go check HOa Hoa’s DNA. I also share the same opinion that there are lots of sperm donor, so what are the odds that either one of them could possibly be the biological dad? On second thought, this can only happen in drama land and if this is going to be part of the plot, I wish Allan is the biological father, since Hoa Hoa is artistically inclined like Allan. Shi Jia crashing in on Allan/Xio Mei’s car pool arrangement is really very uncool.

      Shi Jia/Rima are two peas in a pod, they do deserve one another.

      • babygirl

        I totally agree with you 🙂 What a gay ass to just invite himself.

  • ze


  • calicum


  • MSK

    世家 加油!! He is getting much better. He is showing his mum the determination he has to get XioMei. If you want to see me more in future, please give me your blessing.

    Real happiness is to have someone share your life and grow old together ….sweet.

  • 芷琳

    兩傳 is so nice. I wish to see how 芷琳 and him progress….

  • baby

    Sze Jia is so funny… he is putting 101% efford get Sio Mei. ….. I can’t believe he actually went and sat in front. That is hilarious….. i like it.

    • ef

      he’s just acting like what allan would do..which is weird…when he’s the one doing it

  • Lynn6

    Shijia’s mum should stop intervening .. the more she says, the more damages she causes to Shijia. Shijia is trying so hard now … maybe a little late and overboard by sitting at front passenger seat.