Tie The Knot (媽咪的男朋友) Episode 51

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Tipster Rednimer
  • JT

    Watching this show because Cheryl Yang is in it, and as Xiao Mei, her acting definitely did not disappoint me :’)

  • k1109

    希望世婷&品康能有多點戲份 ^^
    比較喜歡看他們 <3

    • weww

      haha I like the part when she argues with her ‘enemy’ more

  • fejwiow

    shi jia is so dense…without allan’s advice…keep talking about testtube baby…the most sensitive topic out of all as a woman

    • babygil

      I agree. I hope he loose the race because I don’t like him.
      Go Allan 🙂

  • Geekifychic

    In the debate about Allen or Shi Jia as far as in the story has progressed as who is the person Xio Mei should end up with Allen is the clear choice.

    I think the writes just got everyone stuck on Shi Jia by introducing him first and having him have cute moments with Xio Mei and Hou Hou

  • clarence

    allan liu you got my vote!!

  • vvine

    Shi Jia is getting on my nerves he is so annoying and frankly speaking , I can’t feel the love from xiaomei to shijia. Their chemistry isn’t as strong as allan and xiaomei
    So when people say they hope xiaomei will end up with shijia, my question is why. Shijia is literally so whiny he has to wait until Allan speaks up and confesses that he likes xiaomei then he dares to speak up. If Allan didn’t spoke up about his feelings to xiaomei, would they even progress to what is happening now?
    Anybody agrees?

    • Geekifychic

      I think it’s just hard to let let go of the fact that in the first like 10 episodes it looked like Shi Jia was who she was going to end up with and it’s hard to let go of the idea even though so many episodes have passed since then.

  • XioMEI

    it feels like everybody can see Xio Mei is has fear and the choice she is making might be based on what she thinks she deserves to have but not what she really wanted.


    Like Xio Mei and Allan’s synchronized dance.

    Has to give credit to Sze Jia’s spirit – persistence and . I was so surprise he said 3 of us can car pool instead of saying “i understand now, I will have to step aside” well done Sze Jia courage and boldness to approach Xio Mei.