Tie The Knot (媽咪的男朋友) Episode 50

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  • abc


  • Grace

    Team Allan Liu!!! Really wish xiao mei will pick him in the end!

  • Hard to pick

    I support SHI jia but he’s not trying as hard as zi Jun and I feel that zi Jun has changed and no longer that immature happy person. Zi Jun looks tired recently

  • abc


  • Nateby

    Why do I have this feeling that Allan will end up with Rima???

    • bz

      I’m With Allan toooo!

    • fweew

      true this is getting confusing…I honestly dk who ends up with who anymore

    • Milky

      哇操。。i don’t think you paid attention to one of the earlier episodes la, 世家 DID donate his sperm back in NY because of a bet, you know that picture of him and his friends and hes holding a cup? THATS THE SPERM DONATION…真沒腦筋、不然覺得世家跟曉梅 50-70% chance.. if you watch the other dramas that 世家 aka 陳乃樂 is in, HE ALWAYS LOSES TO THE OTHER GUY… 看看吧。 可是下次 pay attention to the details 啊。 = =.. 把你中文學好才能看台灣愛情劇好不好!操。

      • Nateby

        *Both* guys have donated. I understand chinese well and I also read english subtitles. Allan also donated because he lacked money before he became a successful wedding gown designer. I have yet been confounded by chinese dramas. Thank you.

  • gyroxide

    I’M becoming to dislike shijia so annoying ugh liuzijun you’ve got just vote

    • guest

      Lol. I don’t want him.. i want Allan

  • The Name

    So I’m slightly confused, my Chinese is not that good :(…what did Shi Jia’s mother say to Xiao Mei to cause him to rush and find her after it seemed he had given up? Seems like Xiao Mei had moved on to give Allan a chance, Shi Jia looks desperate to me:/

    • Jellyxxxbean

      Shi Jia’s mom said that she went to look for Xiao mei cos she was concerned about Shi Jia’s questions about a “friend” who can’t give birth…she wasn’t blaming xiao mei or anything, just plain curius about Shi Jia’s troubles…..Shi Jia’s angry with his mom for asking Xiao mei that because he thinks it’s the reason why Xiao mei is rejecting him and that his mom’s “innocent” concerns have caused 2nd hurt to Xiao mei..That’s why he rushed out to find Xiao mei to let her know he won’t give up just because of this. . He also confessed about Xiao men’s problems to his family. Seems like the dad and sis is not opposing….

      • The Name

        Oh, I see:) Thanks so much for your explanation, I really appreciate it!!!!!!!

      • regre

        ….shi jia didn’t say it clearly in the previous episode to his parents…he said a friend he didn’t mention exactly the person has her uterus removed…and left their parents wondering…and thought that person didn’t want to have children…not because she doesn’t have the ability to….and his parents notice their son maybe refer the friend is xiao mei…and yeah

  • dwedwe

    cold jokes haha 我們是來報警不是抱緊

    • Nateby

      Isn’t this a line of “The Queen”??


    Rima is soo annoying, stop staying at See Jia’s house. Eventhough they know each other since Uni. and it is 20th century…. crazy woman.

    • Nateby

      An infatuated person rarely acts logically

  • yo

    Is there a part 4?

    • The Name

      Yeah seems like it just cut off…no preview or anything

  • Rainbow

    there is no confirmation Sze Jia is Hou Hou’s dad. But he loves Xio Mei so much that he wish Hou Hou is his daughter…. from the bet he had with his friends in NY.

    I never want to let you go, please do not give up so easily…. sweet

  • Lynn6

    So Xiaomei is giving Allan a chance to pursue her … at least she has not openly rejected him. Poor Shijia is downright depressed now. Is Rima supposed to trigger some jealous feeling by Xiaomei later on … lets see!

    • yes

      Good to see Sze Jia is showing a little bit of desperation, force, eager and … show me your power….