Tie The Knot (媽咪的男朋友) Episode 48

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  • Tangent


  • Car

    Maltose and Ginger tea…. Shi Jia, quietly showing care for Xio Mei

  • cosine

    Am I the only one who supports zi jun? I think he deserves xiaomei the most. Why? Well because unlike shijia he makes a move, he took the risk to even lose xiaomei , to help her take a step out of her shadows so that she can get happiness. And its not once, its twice. He tried to make things better between xiaomei and her father ,knowing that he may lose her. I’M really really touched by the things he do . I think zijun really deserves xiaomei and shijia I don’t think he’s the right guy for her.

    • DW

      Totally agree!

    • bz

      && If I was Xiao Mei… I would Chose Zi Jun because she wont have lot of trouble with Shi Ja family, because his family want to have children… & she won’t be able to continue the family generation.. & they wont accept it.
      && Plus I Support Zi Jun! <3 I Love him!.
      I totally agree with you…. even though he is childish at times. but he can change for her.

  • Funnypie

    Shi jia JIA YOU!!

  • No name

    I wonder what happened when both Shi Jia n xiao Mei realized that the groom is Shi Jia for his XUE MEI!?

    • fjweiof

      but I don’t get why his xue mei is planning all this…without shi jia wanting it what’s the point?!?

  • Lynn6

    Preview … Shijia brave enough to ask for Xiaomei’s hand? Maybe he knows he is losing out to Allan if he does not try harder!

  • Qiiiiiii

    Ohmygod Xiao Mei say she won’t escape anymore, but what if she chooses to face Zi Jun? Then poor Shi Jia><

    • jig

      they should make two ending

      • Qiiiiiii

        But I think eventually she will like Shi Jia and end up with him though

  • dad& daughter

    it is very nice to see See Zia prepare the prawns for Hou Hou. Very warmth and sweet . like dad and daughter.