Tie The Knot (媽咪的男朋友) Episode 47

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  • few

    shi jia doesn’t do anything…why can’t he go down to save them omg

  • hula

    So elegant…the way they fall into the pool

  • Geekifychic

    Looks like I’m going to have to give up any hope I have for Xiao Mei to end up with Shi Jia because it really doesn’t seem like she sees him that way and I don’t think him being Hao Hao’s father will make her develop romantic feelings toward him at this point since Allen is so far ahead of him.

  • Keke

    I’m really anticipating who will end up w xiao Mei, initially I thought its gonna be shijia.. But looks like she got more feelings for zhijun… Very gd plot.. Something different from the usual norm 偶像剧 routine…

  • vsd

    xiao mei doesn’t have zi gong then no ovary…how did she got that child??

    • guest

      i think it because she had the baby before she took off her uterus..

    • Milky Lin

      子宮 IS AN OVARY. go study chinese = =…PLUS after she had 好好 she took off her 子宮. use you brain!

      • omgosh

        sorry to say but vsd was right ur the one wrong here…子宮 is uterus not freakin ovary -.-

      • wtf?

        lol learn english use ur brain

    • Anon

      I guess the uterus is damaged but the ovary is still fine…so they took out the egg cell then u know…after that she remove it.

  • Qiiiiiii

    Shi Jia jiayou! >_<

  • Jellyxxxbean

    I like what Allan said…and I can tell that Xiao mei is affected by his words too…as for Shi Jia, i can’t see her affection for him yet though

    • Ummm

      Yeah,,,at first I thought it would end up being Shi Jia and Xiao Mei, but now it seems like its going to be her and Allan together. I know its about 28 episodes left and a lot can happen but so far Xiao Mei doesn’t seem to show feelings for Shi Jia, while its clear Allan actions and words really affect her.

    • Guest

      i don’t get it …remember eating chips thing…
      shi jia suddenly kiss her on the cheek and she did get affected by that but not now?

    • vsd

      who knows xiao mei may feel something if she knows shi jia is going to get married to his america friend

      • Milky Lin

        世家 isnt going to be getting married to his friend. like she said it’s a secret and theyre only friends = = you really dont know whats up but good guess

  • hehe

    shi jie is losing xiao mei.. xiao mei didnt show any jealousy when saw him with the other girl, however xiao mei feel hurts and insecure when allan walk away.

  • Lynn6

    Whoa … Allan’s words are too touching … he really shows Xiaomei how much he loves her!

  • No2

    Xioa Mei is so brave to confess her fear to the two man who loves her. Because of respect and knowing she can’t give them an heir in future therefore she chose not to put anyone through the pain.

    i like what Allen Liu said. I love you for who you are, even if you are not perfect. Nobody is perfect in this world. Well said Allen.

  • Number 1

    these two guys are soooo sweet. Xio Mei is soo blessed