Tie The Knot (媽咪的男朋友) Episode 46

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Tipster Rednimer
  • this doesn’t make sense

    wtf xiao mei typed on allan’s phone…how could shi jia not know or thinks its weird? wth

  • ejo

    nyahhaha i like the shi jia and allan’s friendship

  • mj

    Grr 🙁 I feel bad for shi jia…

    • Funnypie

      Me too

  • Funnypie
    • fwieo

      but shi jia is the girl’s father so …that neutralize everything I GUESS

      • vsd

        wow such a long KISs COME ON

      • Funnypie

        Which girl ?

        • vsd

          maybe xiao mei’s current child? since shi jia also said he donates the ‘spe_m’ at America as well?

          • Funnypie

            If thats real than good

  • Qiiiiiii

    They drop into the water.. It looks extremely like Xiao Mei and Zi Jun! >< Shi Jia faster jump into the water, don't stand there and shout…

  • Google

    in part 3 (11:03), it is so cute to see the both of them so surprise to see Xio Mei. When they confess, they are like little children questions by headmistress…. obedient, respect ..

  • Ummm

    Spoiler (maybe) ….That last preview, part 3 14:22, who was that kissing in the water? Allan? and who else…. Xiao Mei or the new girl? I can’t tell.

    • ooh!!

      I think it is Allan and Xiao Mei!!

      • Ummm

        Yeah, I think you’re right, Thanks!

  • Funnypie

    I hate liu zi jun

    • say bye little bitch

      I hate shi jia