Tie The Knot (媽咪的男朋友) Episode 45

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Guest

    Allan come back. She just needs time to figure out her own feelings….

  • WHAT

    wait what so the kid isn’t hers?

    • jewiofew

      it is hers…

  • bz

    I want Allan!. I Like Him!

  • dope

    No uterus?!?!?! where did that came from…..

    • ABC

      that’s why she went to the US to have IVF before her uterus was removed.
      Let me guess, her daughter is a big Lego fan…and Shijia is a big Lego fan too. Could this has got to do with his sperms donation in the US….?

  • Nateby

    I haven’t teared for a few episodes until this one. Poor Allan.

  • nyahah

    what…I didn’t expect another character to come UP…I guess she’s going for shi jia…then xiao mei is jealous and that feeling is recognize LOL higher possibility of that
    (it will be funny if that girl is fan of allan instead I would love to see that)

    • Qiiiiiii

      Maybe she is Shi Jia friend that he made overseas when he is studying! This is getting more exciting! Haha

  • fewjio

    12:05 SO FAST ( i meant the driving

    • Qiiiiiii

      She’s rushing to find Zi Jun! Super fast!

  • Qiiiiiii

    Xiao Mei 只是一时的被子俊为他做了那么多的事而感动吧? 那不是爱啊。。但也看得出晓玫并没有爱上世家。。。 ><

  • Lynn6

    Shijia … why just sit there in the car or stand there in the corridor … if you love the woman, do something about it??

  • Qiiiiiii

    Why I feel that Xiao Mei start to have feelings for Zi Jun? It is right? I want Shi Jia~~ >_<

  • First

    it was really sad to see Allan Lui leaves and Siao Mei didn’t give him any indication to stay. Heart breaking.