The Queen of SOP Episode 31

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After a failed relationship with her former boss and ex-boyfriend Gao Zi Qi, Lin Xiao Jie decides to start her own business with the support of her internet pal Tom. When she finds out that one of her employees, Tang Jun, is actually Tom, and that he’s the son of a wealthy business tycoon, she begins to doubt his intentions, resulting in a series of misunderstandings..

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  • Farrenhit…….

    now, i really hate chu chu

  • xo


  • chuchu went for suicide cus she didn’t fulfil her selfish desire for tangjun, and it is clearly not a sacrifice but her own =ermagerd i am such a sad child i have no love= decision.. seriously she needs to get over herself

  • Jessica

    they are so sweeeeeeeeeeeet !!! omg 

  • Lkeio390

    i hate chu chu , evil girl!!!!!!

  • YukiLuvPrincess

    Chu chu ah chu chu ah , ba ta chu diao ba !! 

  • 我喜欢那个在车上的kiss

  • Qineunmun

    1:13, another loophole in the script. XiaoJie said ‘no big deal about sunrise. It happens every day’. ZiQi replied ‘don’t take thing for granted’
    But in earlier episode with TangJun, she was rushing to see the Shanghai city night scene, Tang Jun said the city will always be there. She said ‘don’t take things for granted’ .

  • :)

    SO SWEETT <3<3

  • feipo

    I think the CAR kiss.. is the most beautiful and sweet of all….

  • Pinky_charmmy

    Why cannot watch

  • Veronica


  • Rainy

    the name of the song is big hua mao

  • Pinklittlecupcake

    what is the song around 5:30?? 🙂

    • lovesrice37

       张翰(Zhang Han)-做最爱你的朋友

  • Miko

    someone slap that 楚楚’s dad…!!

  • AnneAnne

    可悲的楚楚, 窮的只剩錢!
    沒朋友沒愛情, 什麼都是假的

  • =__=

     tang jun is the one that doesn’t know how awkward it is for xiao jie…. really… ziqi….? you’re the one that asked her to enter the company in the first place…. =_____=

  • mm


  • Little33

    那個楚楚性格變了以後好像只愛穿深色衣服 lol 以前不是都穿粉紅色那類嗎

    • mm


      • 123


  • Pearl

    notice how his apple laptop changed from black to silver lol

  • momo


  • AZSH

    aighh, if they shaped the story line more towards the “Ziqi + Xiaojie” side, I would really love it a lot more. Nevertheless, I guess Tangjun + Xiaojie is not bad either. =/

  • Anqi1234

    Godfrey…… why you so handsome……. (:

    • Julieycf

      Today the Malaysian newspaper ran an interview with him. He is actually half Shanghainese and and half Malaysian…….but brought up in Taiwan. He grew up in Canada. He is actually a model for LV

  • 是他自己要自殺的關湯駿什麼事

  • guest

    I HATE CHUCHU!!!!!

  • hi

    Ziqi saying how Tang Jun shouldve been there for Xiao Jie when people were talking about her in the office is so stupid. Did he forgot he participated in a conspiracy to strip the company from Tang Jun? lol why is he acting like Tang jun left on his own and Zi qi is the one that forced Xiao Jie to come back to the company why is he all like “do you know how awkward it is for her?” Ziqi’s character is not very convincing…

    • Qineunmun

      Blame it on bad script

  • 小芋

    aww!!! 湯俊 is so sweet >u< 如果我男友有他一半的好就足夠了

  • Sophia

    The ending part where she sends him off is so cute!

    I love how rational Zi Qi is; sure, he wants Xiao Jie back but he’s willing to wait by her side, he’s not going to try to ruin Xiao Jie and Tang Jun’s relationship. Chu Chu, on the other hand, is overall self-destructive and willing to hurt Tang Jun even though she supposedly loves him.

  • Cherlicious08

    汤骏 实在太理想情人了吧?!
    I just cant believe he just can let off after saw that photo..

    子齐 也是!


    • mm


  • Jess_jess

    HAHAHA!!!! i was so waiting for the kiss to happen when he left for england.


  • This is why I don’t think Ziqi is the right guy for Xiao Jie, while Tang Jun is.

    Tang Jun wants Xiao Jie to be happy. If her happiness is with Ziqi, he would let things be, staying by her side just so that he can be there for her should things fail with Ziqi. But Ziqi isn’t like that. He stays by her side wishing that things fail with Tang Jun so that he can be with her and win her heart over.

    • GeeGee19

      OMG! THATS EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT! and not to mention, everything that he “missed” tangjun was there for her, so why are u still standing there talking, what he said did not touch me at all but made me despise him more 

  • ck1Oz

    Tang Jun tonight is adorable.Especially when he was jealous.
    Gao Zi feels like he had a personality transplant.When did he become so love dovey instead of a spoilt brat.

  • Yay it’s out!!! I’d thought I have to escape weibo tonight to avoid any spoilers! Thanks!

  • viviatan

    Tang Jun! The last part is amazing!!!! a kiss goodbye! dies dies dies!!! super jealous! 

  • Guest

    Thank you thank you

  • viviatan

    yahoo~~~!!!! finally!!! 

  • choco


  • Iz

    thx for upload~

  • Lovee


  • Guest

    First :))) enjoy final 3 episodes everyone!