The Queen of SOP Episode 30

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After a failed relationship with her former boss and ex-boyfriend Gao Zi Qi, Lin Xiao Jie decides to start her own business with the support of her internet pal Tom. When she finds out that one of her employees, Tang Jun, is actually Tom, and that he’s the son of a wealthy business tycoon, she begins to doubt his intentions, resulting in a series of misunderstandings..

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  • Love Qiao En

    Gao Zi Qi talked back about old memories with Xiao Jie to string back her affections to him, truly despicable.

  • Farrenhit…….

    Stupid old man

  • Jenny

    ugh..I really liked this drama up until episode 14..around the time when they came back from england, and the entire drama started to change focus. It’s all about the office life now, and the main characters also have a very different feel from the beginning :

  • Chua Cai Bei

    Chuchu is such a useless brat. >:/

  • kk

    If it ends well, I don’t see the point to a season 2.  After Tang Jun went back to Shanghai after London, due to his mom … it was a bit dragging in some parts, but I didn’t mind it a lot, some office stuff is okay.  But when they weren’t talking it was not fun.  And the stupid crazy chu chu, acting like a fruit cake around TJ … this drama reminds me of korean drama plot .. and also TJ looked a bit like the guy from Prosecutor Princess.  

    IF it’s a season 2, I want You’re Beautiful to have a season 2 instead 😀

  • feipo

    why must call him “Uncle” can’t they just call him “Shu Shu” in chinese??

  • Josephine Choco

    may i ask everyone is this the ending? and why is there still 31,32 and 33 even thought remove?

  • Sdds

    Either I missed something, or Xiao Jie never really finds out that Tang Jun is Tom? The description says so, but I never remember seeing this in the drama. And some loose ends….Gao Zi Qi never cleared things up with his brother, and what happened to Bai Zi Qin?

    • I think u missed out. Xiao Jie already know tang jun is tom. He told her when xiao jie went back to england. he said Tom was his english name:) 

    • kk

      You must have forwarded too much??  She found out when she went back to London after her break out with Zi Qi.  First, Tang Jun (aka Tom) asked his friend (MingDao), to act as Tom as he was afraid Xiao Jie will get mad and feel that he had cheated her again (since she found about he is the son of that rich lady), so he didn’t want her to feel hurt again.  But she found out anyway due to Ming Dao (don’t remember his name in the drama), and forgives Tom for keeping the truth. 
      As for the brother of Zi Qi, well, he’s just a jealous guy who feel that he is rightful heir to the company since his younger brother whom he doesn’t see as brother since they don’t share the same mother.  Zi Qi’s mom is like second wife (or mistress) … 

      The model/ actress woman, Zi Qi just wanted to be friend with her now but obviously the crazy girl won’t let it go … and then he found out she told Xiao Jie of their affair and kept the ring that he gave to XJ, then he finally said, he would rather be a stranger to her now .. I guess he finally realized she is a crazy woman .. really don’t get her, if she loves him, why do all those unnecessary stuff, fame is no forever … and ZQ is a good catch … considering everything from looks to personality and also he’s rich.  And he loved her.  So the woman obviously wasn’t in her right mind … to reject him for so many times despite saying she love him.  I doubt she will find a better catch than him.  

  • Sotong

    I have no idea why I feel the connection between Gao Zi Qi and Xiao Jie more and felt a little bit annoyed by Tang Jun. I think I am more convince by Gao Zi Qi.

  • Hhhh

    the sister looks so much like 余函彌!

  • Jesspoon88


  • dingding

    he wanna kill your gf and you still call him uncle???

  • Cassie

    no translation..Can someone sub this please. 

  • 汤兰好可怜 :( 曾董可恶!

  • Skitchuti205

    HE IS SO SWEET ! his eyes are so.. ! ihope they could be togetrher again !!

  • Rainy

    Big Hua Mao is happy that tom BLUE Is awake, she can finally eat her “”precious road””” dog food

  • Xxoyjl334

    楚楚這個角色很有事欸  超不成熟的

  • Wait, there will be a (indirect) sequel? Same cast?

  • anyone know the drama’s opening song plzz?? 🙂

    • Cherlicious08

      Chen qiao en – xi huan gu du 🙂

      • Jostephanie96

        Thank you! 😀

  • Anqi1234

    when did xiaojie even leave huanghai??? when the sister sent her back to taiwan to work on that case?

    • CassieElfSoneShawolExotic4LIFE

      about 3/4 of the way in ep 27

  • Anqi1234

    watching this and 
    一不小心爱上你 at the same time…. totally different view of tangjun just because of his voice. real is much better!

  • mm


  • 楚楚好邪惡-.-  比她爸可惡

  • Min

    just found the preview at iqiyi.. 
    zi qi gave his last vote at director meeting to tang lan so the tang family can come back!!! 

  • Heidi1141997

    did you guys see on the last second 31:41 it has xiao jie and tangjun holding hands…ahh gives me hope<33

  • Not a good idea to have season 2. Xiao Jie has been between these 2 guys back and forth. Are there going to be new cast members? It’s not going to be as good as the first one.

    • Jess_jess

      they announced tt it will be a complete different story line.

      • Wait, there will be a (indirect) sequel? Same cast?

  • anonymous

    how can gao zi qi just dump his Taiwan position to work in Shanghai.  😛

    • I knew that logic was out of the window when Jia Yi was shocked to find out Tang Jun is related to Tang Lan. I mean, Tang 汤 isn’t a very common surname. Seeing two with that surname working together….wouldn’t a normal person be curious if they are related? Lol..

  • silvestra

    楚楚這個角色是去撞邪了嘛 =_______=

  • AliciaClicha

    No preview again.. 🙁

  • viviatan

    WHAT???!!! No preview again???? Yorrrr~~~!!! Another sleepness night again!!!! >.< 
     Gao Zi Qi ah 
     Gao Zi Qi, why you soooooooooooo good???!!! i nearly fall for you back! kkk but Tang Jun is remain in my heart~~~~ 
     Gao Zi Qi ah~~ thanks for being a good guy~~ ^^

    Stupid Zhu Zhu … really dislike her…. the more she react that way, the more i hate her!!!

    • Guest

      Why”kkk”… That’s a very sensitive symbol in USA.

  • Feyrapattinson

    i hope tang jun and xiao jie will be together 🙂 🙂

    • WJO

      i hope so, too

  • Aavien

    this is the nice movie i like for Taiwan artist joint the China artist 1… Tks at all the good artist …

  • Jess_jess

    yay!! im only cheering that this drama is coming to an end because there will be season 2!!! and it will continue the story of xiao jie and tang jun!

    i posted the link to the article on the main page comment bar. but if u can’t see, go to sheng nv de dai jia facebook page. they have the article on it too!

    godfrey go away!!!!!! he didnt treat her right from the start, only realizing that he liked her after losing her. she doesnt deserve that!!

    • stacey

      godfrey ˋˊ
      i want TangJun and XiaoJie be together forever

    • OMG THEY’RE BE SEASON 2!?!! OMG MORE ZHANGEN!! MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!! IM SO HAPPY NOW!! I was like so depressed cause this drama is ending hahaha 

  • Hellojanet1123

    blue couple dress 😉

  • stacey

    楚楚 = = silly girl

    • Hihofq

      she is retarded = =

      • stacey

        agree :))

  • shushushu

    this is not the last episode. tomorrow will be the last episode for sheng nu de dai jia. Last 3 episodes will be airing tomorrow, Sunday. Lets wait patiently! 

  • Beeee

    good news to all Queen of SOP lovers! there will be queen of SOP 2!!!!!! yay!

    • ck1Oz

      I don’t actually want a SOP 2 if they end this well.

      • Cherlicious08


  • ck1Oz

    Okay I support Tang Jun but Gao Zi is really sneaky.I don’t want to miss the chance to comfort you. God.How is a girl supposed to remain unmoved.

    • ck1Oz

      Oh yeah them bunch of underhanded sneaky backstabbing businessmen.I know it’s a drama but it really doesn’t portray the Chinese in a good light.

    • Julieycf

      very simple – you just need to think of how he initially used Xiao Jie to make his girlfriend regret for not marrying him. Gao Zi is like trying to get her back because she walked off on him. Gao Zi = sore loser

  • Guest

    Yippie!! Enjoy watching everyone :))

  • Jon


  • Jess_jess

    FINALLY!!!!!! YAY!!!