The Queen of SOP Episode 27

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After a failed relationship with her former boss and ex-boyfriend Gao Zi Qi, Lin Xiao Jie decides to start her own business with the support of her internet pal Tom. When she finds out that one of her employees, Tang Jun, is actually Tom, and that he’s the son of a wealthy business tycoon, she begins to doubt his intentions, resulting in a series of misunderstandings..

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  • Farrenhit…….


  • Farrenhit…….

    finally there are togther

  • Farrenhit…….


  • Lala Lang

    Pregnant women can drink coke?

  • Elk

    YES, YES, YES!!!
    Xiao Jie chose Tang Jun and not ZiQi.
    The long awaited KISS @ 32:47 – so sweet  🙂

    I hope Chu Chu is not going to be like Lu Zheng Jun in Ti Amo Chocolate.



  • ej856

    while I don’t pity Chuchu in that she’s so willing to give up her own life just because one aspect of her life isn’t doing well, I think she was right that Tang Jun shouldn’t have led her on like that…I understand where he was coming from. But still…

  • wow so nice sia i wish i was in the show or the director

  • wow awesome 

  • Champy

    F*** tat dame chu chu 明明就是个白痴吗 feel like giving both her father and her a punch make sure they K.O bitch chu chu 自做多情

  • Victoria

    Hate that chu chu she should name herself da bai chi

  • Guesty

    I want to slap the chuchu father…. 

  • kk

    Either Tang Jun or Zi Qi, even if they don’t end up with XiaoJie, I don’t think they should choose the other girl (actress/model or ChunChun), as they are bad choices.  They should find a new love that is worthy of them.

  • guest


  • woooow so cute, they’re wearing the same clothes (18:55) ~~ and plus, it look really nice~~!!!!

    • oh w8, nvm~ it was coz of the lighting of the angle~ ops, sry~

  • guest

    tang min is hot

  • couchpotato

    good morning show for hua mao

  • Pinklittlecupcake

    The model character is very pretty.. she is a model in real life too.. But her character makes me dislike her! I hope she will play a good person in another drama!

    • Pinklittlecupcake

      Oh and she looks so much like Hyori Lee in some scenes! Esp in the picture in her house during the scene when she was eating with Gaoziqi

  • Pinklittlecupcake

    I love Tangjun’s voice. He is almost always so calm. His voice is soothing…. I think I am in love!

  • Miko

    awww TOM is finally HAPPY!!..he seem to be so miserable in every episode!

  • guest

    太经典了 哈哈

  • love this show^^

    any one know the song at 22.25?

    • guest

      《最后一页 》

  • mm


  • clara

    finally! ((((: it took them long enough though

  • 小湯曉潔wow

  • shushushu

    ep 28 is up now!! 

  • viviatan

    i am dying for ep 28!!!

  • Tooki

    The website for download already upload for download but the youtube not yet…. Too bad have to wait here… Can’t download.. T.T

    • viviatan

      which website ??? mind share???

  • Feyrapattinson

    any new episode tonight 🙁 im waiting for it :))))) 

  • Mad mon

    Bloody low class mainland people, just stick with their own race… let the taiwanese together…

    • Random

      The only race in the series is chinese? Where is the racism?

    • Miriam

      taiwanese and mainlanders are both CHINESE! though people in taiwan IDENTIFY themselves as Taiwanese to differentiate themselves from the people of mainland china.

    • Cheryl

      ==.. you racist.
      just relax and have a cup of hot milo, and enjoy the drama. =3

    • Hwh

      Bloody Mad Dog, if you say that people from mainland have low class, you don’t have class at all, idiot, ass%ole!

    • Ruffy_dog

      No labelling please.

  • -_-

    any new ep today?

  • oh?!

    為何哭都沒有眼淚= =”   都只有聲音~

  • Julieycf

    awwww….both of them look so in love… mushy and dovey. Can see Qiao En is very different in this relationship. Looking at the progress, I am quite positive Qiao En and Zhang Han will end up together. Yeah!!!!

    • Feyrapattinson

      agree with you 😉

    • Pinklittlecupcake

      I used to like to see her together with Gaoziqi.. However, it makes me said when watching Tangjun love Xiaojie in the dark. Happy that Xiaojie will be with Tangjun! 🙂

  • Asdfghjkl

    they are, legit, the cutest couple. 

  • LinLin

    Like 湯駿 so handsome^^


  • 哈哈笑

    I MISS YOU TOO 湯俊!!!!! 

  • Miriam

    why did xiaojie sleep together with the pregnant friend? where was the “husband”? was it mentioned in passing where he was? i hadn’t heard them talking about it so i presumed that the husband is not out of town so why didn’t her friend sleep with the husband?

    • Jia yi came over to xiao jie’s hotel to have a girls sleepover! 🙂 

      • Miriam

        to roylove and guest: ok. i am now enlightened, i thought it was jia yi’s room. i watched this series live at hunan channel( via cable) but sometimes i switched  to other channels ( i was alternating watching national geographics channel.

    • Guest

      xiaojie mentioned at the beginning of the episode that the pregnant friend wanted to hav a farewell party in xiaojie’s room

    • kk

      Because she miss her friend, xiaojie, so she came over to sleep over .. for the duration xiaojie is in taiwan .. they are very close girlfriends, so that’s a normal thing to do if they have not seen each other for so long and they used to live together.  

  • Ellenpeng8

    What song was played at 21:30?  Title and Singer, please!

    • 江語晨-最後一頁

    • Miriam

      zui hou yi yue( the last page) by jiang yu chen..jiang shan(kingdom) de jiang, yu yan(language) de yu, zao chen( dawn) de chen

  • mui


  • anonymous

    I love Tan Jun’s playful side.  When we hear his funny thoughts, it’s so cute!  A man with a good sense of humor.  

    • OMG

      If TJ gained a bit weight, man, he would be more handsome.

  • sshh

    this chuchu really acting like a spoilt brat. cant get what she wants then use suicide…. 

    • it’s like zhengjun and harming herself…in ti amo 

    • Julieycf

      How come she did not die from the suicide since she is so not favorable?

    • kk

      That’s like a typical plot line from a character like her .. lol .. to force the person she love to give in .. despite he don’t love her the same way but he cares for her.

  • Spyder20

    Hmmm… Seems like from the next episodes preview that zi qi is not giving up on xiao jie… Interesting… Can’t wait to see what happens.

  • I think zi qi and bai ji qing are gonna end up together… i dont want them to be 🙁 I rather Zi Qi ending up alone or find someone better!! 

    • kk

      He should find someone new … not that model/actress girl .. it’s tiring to be with such a person … I think he is not bad, at least, when he love her .. he really love her and gave his all .. but she just wouldn’t do it .. I don’t get her … fame is so fickle ..especially for a woman … she should think long term, he is young, good looking, rich and not forgetting capable as well … and a good person and most of all he loves her .. i don’t get why she rejected him … and still wants to cling on to him … 

  • I can’t believe this is ending so soon 🙁 I wish this drama was like 40 episodes 🙁 or like 80 episodes like ti amo chocolate (actually if its gonna be as draggy/crap/annoying like ti amo then i rather 30 episodes) 


  • Ape_foil

    i dislike chuchu but y am i starting to get a feeling that ziqi an chuchu will become one pair at the end….. =s    Please dont let that happen…………

  • guest

    ChuChu is so freaking selfish! Selfish people do not deserve to be loved by others!

  • aww omg zi qi’s speech was so touching that if I was Xiao Jie I would’ve probably said yes to him but then I also ship Xiao jie and tang Jung OMG SUCH A GOOD LOVE TRIANGLE! 

  • guest

    They are soooo cute together….finally after 27 episodes!!! Only 3 more to go too short!!

  • tangjunxiaojie<3

    omg they kiss <3 and this time xiaojies not drunk LOL <3 i rly hope tangjun and xiaojie end up together !!!! although in real like xiaojies 3 years older that tangjun…. but there soo cute and have so much chemistry <3 and i rly like tangjuns sis cuz she truly wants tangjun to be happy kayimdone 

    • Guest

      they have six years gap in real life! not three…

  • Anonymous

    So sweet!!! Love tang jun and xiao jie together!! <3
    I thought the scene where tang jun asked xiao jie to be his gf would have been a nice perfect ending with him asking her to marry him instead! 
    Hopefully they'll end up together!!!! 

  • YaYa

    theres only one ep tomorrow :((

  • Tina06

    who sent the flowers to tan jun’s sister?

  • Weilai00

    they avday wear same pyjama no need wash one

    • Miriam

      i tell you viewers today are so OBSERVANT! hahaha

    • Ong

      low class coments………..

    • kk

      Should be able to use for one week?  After all, they only wear it during sleeping time .. it’s normal ..

  • Guest

    So cute!

  • guest

    好期待下一级!看起来会很精彩 (^O^)

  • 媽呀 媽呀 媽呀
    甜蜜到我起雞皮疙瘩 超棒的啦!!!!
    湯駿曉潔你們真的好配啊 !!!!
    我終於熬過了 那苦悶的日子了 (太入戲了 哈哈

  • Guest12

    湯駿跟曉潔在一起了! 這一刻終於被我等到了!

    • Yun



  • Lilngel136

    Am I the only one who still wants Xiao Jie to be with Zi QI ? 🙁 But things are getting really interesting hehehe

    • Wawa

      you are not the only one, I am all for Xiao Jie and Zi Qi — please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Guest

        Too bad cannot be all 3 together, one in Taiwan, one in Shanghai… Like some men do. 😀

        • kk

          LOL— the new career woman way of life .. lol 

    • OMG

      Narrow minded thinking

  • guest


  • Guest


  • 12345tt


  • Guest

    oh no, tang jun’s sister lol marrying an old fart for their company

  • Aavien


  • Cheryl

    in the end even if xiao jie ends up with gao zi qi.. but im satisfied at least xiao jie and tang jun have been together before. seriously talkin. get rid of chu chu and her dad lahh they so annoying.. 

    • Feyrapattinson

      are they being together in the end tang jun and xiao jie???

      • kike235

         i don’t know but I want them to be together. I think gao zi qi will help them. I hope he is not spoil them cause tang jun and xiao jie are love couple so cute when they are eating together. lol

        • Feyrapattinson

          im so agree with you hope they are being together forever support xiao jie and tang jun so sweet couple 

      • Cheryl

        i d0nt think they are going to be together…
        but who knows? haha =P

    • Pinklittlecupcake

      Hehe.. the villians are what makes the drama interesting 🙂

  • Fcmbng

    It’ getting more and more interesting, hope all will end well. Can’t wait to watch the next episode.

  • Riku

    that chu chu…. when she was drinking wine and said tat she waited 20 years i seriously feel sad for her…. she did wait 20 years…i did pity her…. but arh the moment she said tat she will not them have any happiness n eat tat pill, all the pity n sad for her… all gone to the bin… girl even u die tang jun also won’t love u… i knw is hard bt move on alrdy….

  • Michelle23

    the mega war now starts 🙂

  • Feyrapattinson

    omg so sweet

  • Feyrapattinson

    omg they are kissing 😀 so sweet tang jun and xiao jie <3 <3 <3

  • guest

    OMGG.. so sweeeeeet… AWWWWwwww.. Tangjun and Xiaojie ftww. LOLLLL… what a sweet ep. hehehe

  • Cheryl

    I feel kinda sad for zi qi..but………still ↓ ↓
    tang jun and xiao jie together !!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 support support!!!

    • squishysquashy08

      i don’t feel sorry for zi qi though because he used xiao jie as a shield for him to runaway from the “pain and rejection” he received from bai ji ching. so i really don’t think that people should take pity on zi qi… just stating my opinion!!

  • Reirei

    i still prefer her to be with gao zi qi… haiz… 

    • OMG

      Stupid and crazy people think that way. Gao ZQ missed his opportunity while he’s cheating and lying.

  • Tom


  • Feyrapattinson

    i wanna see tang jun and xiao jie being together 😉

    • Hihi

      they did haha

  • Millukidz


  • Cheryl

    YAY !!!

  • Cheryl