The Queen of SOP Episode 26

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After a failed relationship with her former boss and ex-boyfriend Gao Zi Qi, Lin Xiao Jie decides to start her own business with the support of her internet pal Tom. When she finds out that one of her employees, Tang Jun, is actually Tom, and that he’s the son of a wealthy business tycoon, she begins to doubt his intentions, resulting in a series of misunderstandings..

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  • Leanne Ho

    23.35 is the best part when tang min think through everything…. i wish i had a sister like tang min.

  • Seuta

    This video is loading realy low !!! :'(

  • ㄇ阿


  • Werwe

    I thought he was punched on the right face

  • Geoffreyewong

    Arghhhhhhhh, don’t want to hear ‘UNCUR’ anymore!!!!!!

  • kk

    Gino is not so good looking in this drama .. maybe because his brother in the drama is taller and better looking than him 😀   
    Damn that Chu chu for forcing kisses on Tang Jun … despicable woman just like her father .. who is crazy and greedy … 

  • Rae

    I love tang min! She’s such a loving and understanding sister, daughter and woman! Anyone who’s able to have such sister in reality will be so blessed and lucky. 

  • EmilyLurveGD

    Irritating kid! Say what Tang Jun is responsible for what happening to her. HAHAHA, full of crap! He did not even date chu chu or either say he loves her, so why he need to be responsible?!?! That is only her one sided love…and anyway, she had no rights to be with Tang Jun cause she is just a selfish kid who only cares for herself and doesn’t even think for others~  Opps (NO OFFENCE for saying chu chu) But i personally think that everything also couldn’t blame her~ Cause 爱是盲目的….

  • Ddlollee

    omg so touching.. the sister.. can’t stop crying

  • Mary4083131


  • Dream4179

    楚楚真的是無可救藥的女人  受不了!

  • couchpotato

    hua mao approves this eposide

    • Paulina

      Stop spamming with hua mao!! You’re writing that in every episode, who’s that?!!

  • 倪兒

    it seems like in their company, all they do is eat and have meetings… -.-

  • Hannah

    I always skip all the scenes with ChuChu. She’s so annoying!

  • Phebesnow


  • 湯敏是個很好的姐姐跟女兒

  • bump

    i hope the old man has a stroke and heart attack…all that laughing and 
    plotting can’t be healthy.

  • AZSH

    I don’t hate Chuchu, because I wish she can just take Tangjun so Gaoziqi can just go with Xiaojie ;P

    • Miko

       true!! 😀

    • OMG

      You didn’t know, don’t know, and will never know what true LOVE is as per your stupid comments.

  • Julieycf

    Luckily, Tang Hun woke up from his “dream”. Otherwise, that stupid chu chu will get a kiss from him. Urghhhh

  • GeeGee19

    i dont even understand why that old guy wants to get the company, by the time tom gets married to chuchu, he should be close to his grave alrdy, and in the end *IF BY MIRACLE IT HAPPENS, WHICH IT WONT* the company will become tom again… u r too old, get a hobby, play some golf

    • Miriam

      he is doing means to make the company look bad. he is one of the major stockholders. if the company looks bad,the stocks go down so does his fortune. i also can’t understand the logic behind his scheming.

  • 哈哈笑

    看見湯敏淚水打轉 好感動!

  • oh?!

    一下要吃飯、一下又要想結婚有的沒的= =”  受不了!!

  • QQ

    曾總演的也太爛的吧!~ 還 哇哈哈哈哈得笑ㄟ~ 這好像台灣30年前的演法ㄚ!!!!

  • Confused?

    I really don’t understand Chu Chu’s father’s logic. He wants Tang Jun to marry his daughter and then convince Tang Jun to give him the CEO position to the company. Firstly, the company is Tang Jun’s. Even if Tang Jun and Chu Chu did get married I don’t see Tang Jun willing to give the position over to his father in law. The old man, after all is just an in law. Even if they did become “family”, there is still no reason for Tang Jun to hand over the company to the old man because Tang Jun is perfectly capable of managing his own company. There is really something wrong with the old man’s logic!

    • Miriam

      maybe he will threaten his son-in-law that if he did not hand over his shares, chuchu will divorce him or leave him…..JOKE!!!!
      this part as well as xiaojie’s incurring a million debt(the script said bai wan and that is equivalent to a million)to the auction ball is ridiculous. it flies counter to common sense. an average working girl does not commit to engage in an auction unless she is so super rich….didn’t she think where she is going to get the money?? so the script rescued her and made ziqi paid for her debt so the problem would resolve. BUT still, i don’t like that part. that should be totally scrapped!

      • Guest

        It is 1 million yuan.

  • guest

    OMG does she even realized that this is not love and Tang Jun doesn’t even love her at all!!!

    • Miriam

      ever since tang jun returned from london, chuchu had been clinging him like a leech. she thought tangjun loved her because he didn’t say anything at all that he did not love her until episode 27. this is one character flaw of tangjun that i didn’t like in the series. it took him a LONG TIME to say it outright. remember that the “Uncle” had said about the engagement/marriage at the table
      when they were dining, yet tangjun said NOTHING?? he went with it along. he should have told the uncle that time( it was a good opportune time to clear things about his relationship with chuchu) but he passed it up. they thought tangjun was FINE with it because there was NO objection. i dare the viewers to watch again those episodes if they thought i was wrong.

      • Mar

        me too. but i think it´s bit about the cultural thing. Maybe, he knew that many people get marry just for the company…..

      • Elk

        I agree with you completely. Many men have this character flaw.
        Personally, I think they let it go because just in case, in the end, should they not get the woman they love,
        they can fall back on this woman who is in love with them!
        They are always leaving their options open until they need them.

  • mui

    damn i hate the bitch! arghh tang jun must w xiao jie laaa :/

  • the sister/brother interactions between ttang min and tang jun are so heartwarming! awwww

  • tj

    Kissing Tang Jun forcefully… this Chu Chu is so disgraceful.

    • Miriam

      because she thought tang jun was his and i couldn’t blame her . tang jun was LATE in clarifying things between them. he should have made their relationship clear from the time he arrived from london but he just went along with the flow. he did nothing.

      • Poppie

        Which part is it?

  • Miisy

    i really hope there not gonna end the series with her not choosing either one of the guys, then flash forward 1 year later and she coincidentally meets tang jun at london or something!

  • Pearl

    lol his bruise or pink wound switched from one side of his face to the other side lol watch the mirror scene and the first aid scene



  • couchpotato

    chuchu should stop throwing herself at tangjun. have some self-respect!

  • mujas

    I cannot stand all the flashbacks in the past few eps. It’s taking up like 40% of each ep!

    • Miriam

      me too. it is an overuse of flashback. the most beautiful flashback i have seen is the flashback of shancai at the end of the series when she was held by daomingse as she fell on his arms due to weakness after being under the rain for hours.

  • 12345tt


  • Hihi


  • Guest

    waiting 27…

  • Cheryl

    i d0nt think tang jun and xiaojie is going to be together in the future anymore. 🙁
    aww. but i still wish miracle happen =]

    • Feyrapattinson

      really :(((((((   im feel so sad if like that i hope they will be together 🙁

      • Phili0202

        若是湯總裁能醒過來,應該就能對付曾董那隻狐狸,醬子湯駿和曉潔就可以有情人終成眷屬. ; )

  • Cupidsareidiot

    hahaha so nice 🙂

  • Julieycf

    that stupid chu chu so thick skin

  • Riku

    ya lorh…. watching them together i also feel very sweet XD specially tang jun his expression!! still can’t 4get he is so happy tat xiao jie kiss him, his expression was priceless CUTE!

  • Feyrapattinson

    when can tang jun and xiao jie can be together :((((

    • Hihi

      soon, cause only 4 episode till the end lol 

  • Youtubie98