The Queen of SOP Episode 23

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After a failed relationship with her former boss and ex-boyfriend Gao Zi Qi, Lin Xiao Jie decides to start her own business with the support of her internet pal Tom. When she finds out that one of her employees, Tang Jun, is actually Tom, and that he’s the son of a wealthy business tycoon, she begins to doubt his intentions, resulting in a series of misunderstandings..

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  • GreenTea

    Chuchu bothers me a’s easily seen that qiao en likes tang jun..

  • guest

    im quite bothered by “uncrow’s” pink cardigan…wtf 0___0lll

  • flaks


  • Ryeowookieee

    Hah, take that u old man!

  • YukiLuvPrincess

    qiao en tie hair more nice 🙂

  • YukiLuvPrincess

    Chu chu’s skin damn bad lol -.-” 

  • dsgah5756

    Chu chu so f-ing desperate. Get a hold of yourself, woman

  • kk

    The “Ancle” is so free and spend time creating problems for others … rather than doing good deeds

  • guest


  • he

    喬恩跟喬喬那段好真實欸!不愧是好朋友 🙂 

  • wats the song called when 
     楚楚 was gona kiss 
    汤骏 ?

  • drean45

    I like jiayi. She is such a good friend : )

  • Joanna0702

     楚楚 is such a beautiful girl. 🙂

  • couchpotato

    big hua has seen it

  • 楚楚又不是汤骏的女朋友,凭什么呀?烦死了!

  • squishysquashy08

    i reallly like tan jun’s mommy compared to other rich parents in dramas (:(:(:(:(:(: She’s pretty but NICE. AND CONSIDERATE to her children (: not as pushy and mean and cruel as other rich parents in other dramas 😀 <3

  • Penny

    那個楚楚煩死了, 今集還穿得像食人花一樣, 醜死了!

  • Sone<3

    chu chu is such a daddy’s girl with no life 

  • Michelle Ng

    woahh chuchu bloody irritating… >< 

  • Gjicj845k3


  • 還有楚楚你可以再討人厭一點-.-+

  • 小湯曉潔加油!!!

  • yy

    bai ji qin is simply mean, but chu chu is so freakin’ scheming and wtf.

    • Fionwu0421

      chu chu is dumb as shit…its her dad that does the schemiing….
      relle hate her.

  • V.V

    OMG….This chu chu girl just need to get out, every time they want to talk, she gets in the way. She is just like Zheng Jun from Ti Amo Chocolate. They both need to stop clinging to the guy that doesn’t even like them.

    • haha zheng jun is WAAAAAY MORE ANNOYING Though

  • Sophia

    The wardrobe guy Kevin’s cute
    I’m glad Xiao Jie and Tang Jun resolved their misunderstanding

  • dramas


  • Lilngel136

    Enough of this SSP crap……… Why can’t they go on with the romance storyline !? -.-

    • Winder

      because they set the drama as an office romance 

  • Deb

    i really can’t stand how clingy chu chu is! she needs to get a life instead of clinging on to tang jun so much.

  • spongeycake

    nooooooo they didn’t kiss. what the heck! stupid phones T_T

  • 嘟嘟

    就算你得到他的身體 你也不會得到他的心 楚楚好白目

  • 夥伴

    湯俊根本不喜歡你 都是你一廂情願 自以為事 楚楚你氣屁呀

  • Feyrapattinson

    i love tang jun and xiao jie being together <3 <3 <3 

  • Kierikieli

    Whoa, couldn’t wait for tomorrow. Still waiting for ep 24 but it’s already 1.30 am here, I’m craving for spoiler :p

  • Pearlyn_tan_93

    is episode 24 going to be uploaded? its lik soo damn freakingg long to wait for that episode 24~!! ;(((

    • ck1Oz

      It’s already up on the uploader’s YT page. Ep 25’s preview is a killer. * Spoiler * I about screamed!! Gao Zi discovered that the engagement ring is with ? Bai Xing. SIGH. Just when the Tang Jun loveline is about to start. Argh!!!

  • Ct

    Any Epi 24 tonight?!?!

  • Feyrapattinson

    please upload the final episode and please make it english subtitle …… :(((( 

  • Ring

    Can’t wait for episode 24!!

  • T&J

    Like the moment tang jun And xiao jie together~ so sweet, they care and love each other, not like chu chu!!

  • Feyrapattinson

    i want xiao jie and tang jun being together please upload the final episode please :(((((

  • Favpink86

    Is zi qi still coming out anymore? Left only 6 ep… don’t tell me he come out and causes tang Jun and xiao jie to misunderstand again till last ep…

    • they so couldve used the last 6 episodes to re-introduce zi qi back into the storyline :((

  • Guest

    Fak chuchu! She’s a bitch!

  • Youtubie98

    WHERE is episode 24? I wanna watch before I go to sleep!!!! 

  • Cheryl

    cmon, that 2 options. she says one of them is not being with xiao jie for some period. but she didn’t mention the other one. how i wish the other one was ” be together until death seperate both of u” wooooo.
    fUck that chuchu and her papi. :(( cmonn !!!
    like this for supporting xiao jie and tang jun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gogogogogogo.
    this is addictive. where is ep 24 ! =3

  • Ct

    Addicted to watch this drama!

  • viviatan

    That stupid Uncle!!! Hate him soo much!!!!! Damn him!!! i wish both Tang Jun and his sister can able to fired him!!! kick him out of the shareholder!!!! arrrggggg!!!!!

  • Forlin CR

    Honestly, at first I watch this drama is because of Gao zi qi and but now, I really wish xiao jie would end up with tang jun! The 24 eps gonna out tonight, right?

    • Guest

      I liked Tang Jun better fromt he beginning lol~ and i hope she ends up with Tan Jun tooo!

  • Fcmbng

    hate both father n daugther, so wicked

  • guest

    cannot wait for the next episode to come out

  • Cheryl

    STILL. posting the same comment.
    I wouldn’t want the ending to be like (both not being together) or (having cancer) where the one who really cares for her isn’t the one that’s having a happy ending.. make MIRACLE HAPPEN… bcz the scenes of Gao yi xiang isn’t showing much anymore since they break up.. makes me feel that Tang Jun is much much better than him..= =..

  • shushushu

    1st!! 😀

  • Kyo


  • Kyo


  • yee mei esther lo