The Day I Lost U (失去你的那一天) Episode 10

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見到登山社長孟澤銘(王傳一 飾)的第一眼,何萱(李千娜 飾)就差點氣喘發作了。
為了追逐她「命中注定」的愛情,何萱冒著氣喘的風險,追隨澤銘攀登了兩座台灣百岳,來到傳說中「天使的眼淚」——南橫的嘉明湖;終於, 在「天使的眼淚」裡,小女子實現了愛情的心願,與澤銘約定:此生契闊、 永遠相守。
澤銘的母親黎鳳蓮(劉瑞琪 飾),是一個個性堅韌、頗負盛名的教育專欄作家。過去, 她一直以為丈夫是意外身亡;但如今,大兒子的怪病讓她明白:原來丈夫的家族藏有「小腦萎縮症」的基因,而長子澤銘居然中獎了…。

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Tipster Rednimer
  • FeeL

    曉惠幫阿信撿起東西只說了一句保重 就離開 這一幕讓我噴淚了

  • Lynn6

    ZM is a real tough act .. his condition is deteriorating yet he is trying to stay upbeat for his mum .. which is also right considering his mum’s dedication and care! HX is stubborn .. understand but JY is not a bad guy (like his dimples)

    • Kayla

      Love is giving and not all about receiving 🙂 HX is giving in her own ways, by playing ZM’s role and taking care of things that he wanted to do but couldn’t due to his health. This could be enough for ZM as his lover. I mean, there is always a possibility to hire a caregiver.