The Day I Lost U (失去你的那一天) Episode 02

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見到登山社長孟澤銘(王傳一 飾)的第一眼,何萱(李千娜 飾)就差點氣喘發作了。
為了追逐她「命中注定」的愛情,何萱冒著氣喘的風險,追隨澤銘攀登了兩座台灣百岳,來到傳說中「天使的眼淚」——南橫的嘉明湖;終於, 在「天使的眼淚」裡,小女子實現了愛情的心願,與澤銘約定:此生契闊、 永遠相守。
澤銘的母親黎鳳蓮(劉瑞琪 飾),是一個個性堅韌、頗負盛名的教育專欄作家。過去, 她一直以為丈夫是意外身亡;但如今,大兒子的怪病讓她明白:原來丈夫的家族藏有「小腦萎縮症」的基因,而長子澤銘居然中獎了…。

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Louise Tsang

    Agreed! The story is not that realistic as the puff could not be used so many times during the day & the way she held the puff did not like she’s a patient of that type of disease.

  • Lynn6

    HX should have been upfront on her condition .. she endangers herself and caused worries to others. It is a burden to others if one is not fit .. end of the day, the leader feels responsible for the safety of everyone