The Crossing Hero (超級大英雄) Episode 60

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明朝的兩名錦衣衛追殺洪西東身上的九轉夜明珠,陰差陽錯來到了二十一世紀,卻遇到了跟洪西東長得一模一樣的洪曉東。 彭澤和徐嘯天身上佩戴的龍紋玉佩感應到了洪曉東身上有九轉夜明珠,決定殺死他後拋開取回夜明珠,再想辦法回到明朝跟主上交代。 彭澤和徐嘯天在追殺洪西東的路途中,因為不熟悉現代科技,遇到了重重的阻撓,只得暫時留在現代社會。 朱可尚因為辦事不利,從刑警降為了巡警,但是仍舊希望有朝一日成為一名超級警察。洪曉東為人雖然懶散,但是血液中卻流淌著正義的用武。顯婷則希望能夠以記者的身份匡扶社會。莫涵希望有一天自己能夠成為一名飛天遁地的女俠。但是他們所有人都不知道的是,兩個從明朝穿越而來的傢伙,改變了他們的命運!

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Tipster Rednimer
  • freeloops

    the ending is so unexpected

  • Thian Yi Lang

    it got sucked in and what will be happening? whats the ending?

  • Manuela Manu K

    Of course it’s the end ! There will be no season 2 .It’s a cruel End and that’s all you get from this drama! I think Jiro was tried a different kind of happy end and at the end nothing is really happy but weird!!! But i love this drama no matter what !

  • :)

    They nvr write ” the end ” , so not the ending yet right ?

  • Manuela Manu K

    Forget it there will not be a season 2 ! ” Who tell you there will be a seaon 2 ? It’s the end and we can thinking whatever we like ,the ending can be !!!!

  • Tan Ming

    nice ending, the three of them is originally from the Ming era
    hope seasons 2 its the reverse, three guys in modern dressing’s adventure in
    the Ming era

  • reed

    non-sense..the infant didn’t get sucked into

    • kok

      because he is not from the past, he has been living for the past 500 years

  • Guest

    Love the ending.good twist.thank god it’s not those normal happy endings.

  • winarto

    左右守, 啸天, 大卫。。。 咳。。。

    • Lost needle

      EXCUSE YOU!! 大卫很帅 PLEASE

  • Aced Ling

    wtf.. lousy ending.. send back without saying anything & where they send back to..

  • Manuela Manu K

    No kiss , no happy end at all and at the end he ‘s leaving ? And where is he going , what’s happend to them all ? This suck’s so much!!!!

  • Lim Wei Qi


  • Ahren Lovesweets

    sucks ending

  • crazycoconut

    WTH. the ending is…..
    they are just sent back. i am so sick of these cliffhangers.