Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 67

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Teresa Meng plays a bodyguard to a CEO. Raised up in a military family, she is all about responsibility, loyalty and honor. But, the upbring taught her nothing about how to attract a man. She despairs at that prospect of never having a boyfriend.

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  • Man

    At 14:11 the way ZJ command AJ to rest is sooo man with lots of love too.

  • Lilfir<3AiJia

    I forgot to mention Ai-Jia’s gongfu kick! Awesome. Haha! 😀

    • Lilfir<3AiJia

      And was a stunt double used when she rolled on the floor? Anyone knows?

  • Guest


    • KAXTON


  • jy

    i am glad zhong qin’s sister is getting more and more mature. 

  • jojo548

    wei chang is a good for nothing loser who lives at home. but i’m happy he got physically hurt because ding xue ling pushed him. that way they can sue. and i’m happy that ding xue ling is such a slut, because that can potentially help alan win the case. seriously, din xue ling, thanks a TON for being a slut whore.

  • TWG

    I agree about the hints of Qi Hong’s medical condition~ the possibility of Ya Lun being his ‘saviour’ also does seem like a good way to resolve the Qi Hong-Min Hui-Ya Lun situation~
    however I cannot see a revelation of ZQ being Qi Hong’s biological son (hence extrapolating from that that Qi Hong had an affair with ZQ’s mother while being married to Min Hui) being particularly useful at this stage~ certainly wouldn’t lead to reconciliation~ and would create more drama than the remaining episodes can contain.  

    and Max, my vote goes to SSB too!… so far anway; I will withhold final judgement pending a good ending~ IP was cute and funny and Chris/Annie made an awesome screen couple but I think that they tried to drag out the end too much then suddenly wanted to end RIGHT NOW so rushed it~
    besides which I think the plot development in SSB has been much more masterfully done not to mention several issues which I think they have been brave to touch on… and ZQ/AJ are downright adorable!

  • Lilfir<3AiJia

    Can I just thank Max here? Your insights & comments together with Jtlt are really priceless to me. More than I could ever wish for. You both are the true star commenters. 🙂

    Because honestly, I kind of lost track already. I have a long way to go to master chinese. If only this show have an English subtitle. Still, thank you Max & Jtlt! 😀

    I admire the Zhen Ba and Ai-Jia’s bond. As much as I love to see more of Zhongqi & Ai-Jia’s moment, Zhongqi should probably give time for the father and daughter to have a quality time of their own. 

    Weiqiang was probably the star of this episode albeit in a rather unpleasant way. A bit uneasy though to see his acting. But I guess it’s only his acting debut. 

    Glad that the aura of sweetness between Zhongqi and Ai-Jia is still intact. I really really do hope they will battle it out without breaking up. I like that Zhongqi reassured her that she’s a great bodyguard. I was half expecting Ai-Jia to give Zhongqi a peck or something after hearing his words. Hehe. I simply adore Ai-Jia when she stares lovingly at Zhongqi. How can one not be mesmerized? LOL.   

    Kind of dreading that this show would only be aired from Mon to Thurs either this week or next week.3 days of wait is too long. :S


    • Max

      Ehhh….actually I don’t read or write Chinese at all. My verbal Mandarin used to be at best 2 out of 10. Sometimes I rewatch certain episodes and paused certain scenes many times over, copy down the Chinese subtitles and seek out my other half for translation. Sighh……what i wouldn’t do just to understand Ai Ji better. A lot of hardwork, but it’s paying off because I have learned a whole new bunch of words. I find that my understanding of verbal Mandarin has also improved tremendously.

  • Show307


  • Max

    Hints are being dropped that Qin Ba would likely be diagnosed of some serious illness. So, where would this lead us? Probably Alan and ZQ would need to donate blood or bone marrow to save their father and in doing so and given this drama’s track record, i am sure more surprises, more relevations will be coming our way. Another wild possibility is that the blood or bone marrow tests will give rise to the suspicion that ZQ is Qin Ba’s biological son as well. Meaning Qin Ba had an affair with ZQ,s biological mother. Eeeeek, what a mess.

    There is still a lot of wild guessing as to who is who’s son, who is who’s brother and so on! There are even speculations that the piece of hair which Grandma plucked from the toy does not belong Winnie.

    Whatever it is, if either son does save Qin Ba, maybe Mrs Qin will feel indebted and therefore will come to her senses.

    Meanwhile, I wonder why is MY still wearing the ring? Maybe she’s doing it just to please her mother. But seems like MY is gearing up to take charge of the company esp since there is an implied illness on the father’s part and ZQ would likely have to take care of AJ. On top of that Zhen Ba has something up his sleeve for ZQ to do on behalf of AJ as a penalty for the botched job of guarding Winnie.

    With 13 eps to go, seems like there are still many loose ends to be tied up.

    What’s going to happen to ZQ’s career and his stake in Run Zhi (which he supposedly owned half). Who is the person who tried to run down ZQ, any guesses? Could it be Aunty Qing May’s ex-husband? Will ZQ and AJ steadfastly and courageously brave whatever storm that come their way together or are they going to split for a short while due to adversities. However, i don’t know how many of you fellow fans are with me on this BUT i am confident that the writers and director will do it right by us and let ZQ/AJ fight it out as a couple hand-in-hand. And then, in the pen-ultimate finale, we will be rewarded with a very unique and out of this world proposal from ZQ to AJ.

    • scrumpisme

      it feels like they have so many things to tie up in such a little time! is there a possibility of extending the show? they did for inborn pair. hahah my secret little wish they do. 🙂

      • Max

        Apparently IP was extended because TAC was not ready to go on air as yet. I am digressing here but I did not like the extended episodes of IP at all. Since we are on this subject, and out of curiousity, which do you like more, IP or SSB? My vote goes to SSB.

        Coming back to the subject, yes, I hope they will extend SSB……nothing that we can do at this point except pray for a miracle or fly to Taipeh and stage a demo demanding for another 10 episodes filled with lovey-dovey scenes of ZQ/AJ!!!!!!! Yayyyy….

        • scrumpisme

          oops i didnt watch IP so i cant tell you. “sheepish smile”. well since there is no drama confirmed replacing this slot yet can i just say there is hope? hahahhha. only the fri slot is filled with e new drama. oh yeah. but then again xiao gui has a concert coming up in nov and i really dont think they can slot in more filming for him. 🙁 he’s alr sleeping 4 hrs on average!

        • Hyvjhg

          Also this is not on live. If i recall correctly, it was on live. This apprently is not on live cause this is already cast. For some reason i cant get the live which is dimb. Anyways thy is how you can encounter it. If you search the episodes on 55(something).com, there is cast but us people cant watch cause of copyright law hasnt pass the episode in us for the episode

  • smile


  • KGuest


  • LoveZhuGuiDei

    爱家最近越来越漂亮,难道是恋爱的滋味让人觉得很漂亮吗?哈哈!我猜最后采洁亚伦会跟仲祈和爱家一起举办婚礼~ 期待那天的到来!

  • Aaa


    • Josie Lau


  • guest


  • Klhotz_14

    lol..just this episode had no comment FIRST FIRST 1ST 1ST….maybe they got into no one give a damn care dude…lols

  • ZORO

    I love the way ZJ help AJ understand how to walk the journey of love.  Really lovely couple. 
    Lov ya 🙂
    We will probably see lots of YL and Chai Chiat + Winnie and Ting Suet  Ling in the next episode. 
    Poor YL and Chai Chiat + Winnie 🙁

  • Guest

    Hopefully there will be a scene where zhong qi propose to ai jia~ 

  • Max

    I really, really miss the morning scenes where AJ goes to ZQ’s house to fetch him to work, with her standard, “Zhong Qin Li, zhao”, opening the door for him and shielding his head with her hand.

    Also, a little note to remind all fellow fans out there that from this week onwards, we will only get to see ZQ/AJ from Mon – Thurs, the Friday slot will be taken over by Chris Wang’s new drama. Grrrrrrrr…….. (I am keeping my fingers crossed that I got this piece of info wrong…).

    • 维娜


    • Really

      Are you sure Max….. wonder why are they doing that… that’s a bit silly. Don’t the idea at all.

      • Max

        This new drama is Love Me or Leave Me starring Chris Wang and Tiffany Hsu. it is supposed to be aired every Friday, 8-10pm starting this Friday. Like I said, I certainly hope I’m wrong.

        • CY

          This drama will still be aired on Mon- Thurs.

        • scrumpisme

          does that mean the new show that just started today starring george hu will also not be shown on fridays too? thats really weird since it just started!

  • Amenda360

    如果我是亚伦,早知道应该把丁雪羚的假面具撕出来 ! 

  • Guest

    Qing ma is insane!

    • Action

      A woman who live in fear….. no life. Irritating person.  Never happy in her whole life.





  • 何仲棋是白癡嗎?

    • RANDOM



      还有你要骂人也要搞清楚他人的名字啊,你连 何。仲。祈,他的名字都都搞错了!是祈祷的 ”祈“ 而不是那个 “棋”。

  • ASL




    • 魚魚

      有啊= =是你沒看到….前幾集有演到

      • KAXTON


  • Bodyguard

    伟强写’遗书’的时候笑死我了!! 但还以为伟强最后会帮忙抢回维尼。。没想到他竟然笨到让丁雪ling知道亚伦不是维尼的亲生爸爸。。无言!

  • Guest

    gosh wei chang is soooo annoying 

  • guest12

    “如果你是蜜糖,我就是蜜蜂” 仲祈的嘴巴好甜哦。勤美姨說你噁心不過我喜歡!

  • Alis

    tks for upload~~

  • Ranilly

    Ty! (: