Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 66

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Teresa Meng plays a bodyguard to a CEO. Raised up in a military family, she is all about responsibility, loyalty and honor. But, the upbring taught her nothing about how to attract a man. She despairs at that prospect of never having a boyfriend.

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Tipster Rednimer
  • omg ming yu you finally woke up!!! I’m so proud of you!!! and that damn ding shue ling you sum of a bitch you need to get the fuck out already!!! -bon qui qui voice- I will cut you!!


    ep 67 please ><..

  • Yuri

    T.T 敏慧你是不是疯了一直要明玉不要离开仲祈身边。如果疯了就去精神病院吧!!连明玉也看清事实了!!

  • kboobooo

    後面那段好難過 🙁

    維尼還給亞倫啦 QAQ

    其實 父母的愛 真的比甚麼都還要深….

  • Rocka

    你們不覺得奇怪嗎 為什麼秦媽會一直跟他們到醫院?她根本就討厭亞倫與維尼 變成秦家人… 幹嘛跟去呢? 也為何在意DNA的事情呢? 或許是她把維尼的頭髮交換了…畢竟他也有在跟那位醫生聯絡… 這種事情也只有她做得出來

  • Rocka

    你們不覺得奇怪嗎 為什麼秦媽會一直跟他們到醫院?她根本就討厭亞倫與維尼 變成秦家人… 幹嘛跟去呢? 也為何在意DNA的事情呢? 或許是她把維尼的頭髮交換了…畢竟他也有在跟那位醫生聯絡… 這種事情也只有她做得出來

    • Rocka

      對不起 不是跟去醫院 而是在醫院” 碰巧見面”; 怪了 她哪時候開始擔心自己老公的身體呢?
      他為什麼要跟去一起看簡報 好像在看笑話似的

  • Uecvuy

    OMG, this is the best show ever!!!!!! I feel so back for YL. I would burst into tears. Hopefully wei ni will come back and get his mother lost.

    Have a feeling AJ’s boyfriends mother would tell. Also have a feeling that taking Wei Ni way will decrease the chance of winning the trial

  • Guest


  • V.V

    The scene at Qing Mei Yi’s house for dinner was so funny. That was the best scene out of the entire episode. Love that part. 🙂

    I feel as for this episode, the director is trying to crap a lot of aspect into one episode, like with Wei Ni not being Ya Lun’s son, Ming Yu with the other two bodyguards, Ming Hui and her selfishness. Just hope all these won’t be resolved until the very last episode.

  • strwbry <3


    • strwbry <3

      但是感觉这也不make sense。。。


    李李仁對維尼的戲最真情流露也最令人感動 (他跟采潔的愛情戲完全沒火花)

  • Gimy0610


  • Lilfir<3AiJia

    Basking in the sweetness off Ai-Jia & Zhongqi while I/We still can before they embark on a perilous journey of seemingly endless problems. 

    I too like that in the midst of all the turmoil, this two lovebirds offset it with their lovey-doveyness. Yes, credit to Zhongqi for making Ai-Jia more womanly. 

    I suddenly like Mingyu but of course not as much as I like Ai-Jia. Heh. Glad that Mingyu regained her sense and learning to ease herself from the grip of Qinma.

    For the two bodyguards, they need to work on their timing. Doesnt quite sync. 

    Poor Yalun when he knows of the hard truth. Of all the characters, he’s indeed holding the most complex one. Great actor.

  • Serenalee98


  • Max

    LOL…..i think AJ overdid the lovey-dovey scenes during dinner but what the heck, nobody is complaining!!! She’s enjoying being in love so much and basically  this is what she has telling Zhen Ba from ep1 itself, “wo yau tan lien ai”….

    Winnie – so it’s confirmed that he’s not Alan’s kid which did not deviate from the original plot. Given this, the only way Alan can win the custody case is by default, that is, XL gives Winnie up and allows Alan to adopt him. In real life and in my country, nobody in the right mind would give up their kid to someone else unless there is some unavoidable life and death crisis. But then this is la-la-land, any twist and turn can happen.

    Alan and Cai Jie – both are coming on stronger and stronger as an actor/actress. Alan has proven himself again that he is indeed an actor of substance. No denying it and i think that’s why even though he’s a seasoned actor, he doesnt have that many dramas in portfolio because hes quite picky with his roles.Cai Jie’s crying scenes have become very real, she was exceptionally when holding back tears while watching Alan and Winnie goof around.

    MY – I ask you one last time. If there isn’t AJ, will you choose me?
    ZQ – You’ll always be my sister, my most beloved sister.
    MY – I know now. thank you.
    Very touching on MY’s part, But ZQ’s words hit home that even without AJ, he would still not choose MY. I guess that will sealed ZQ/MY’s fate as a brother and sister, and as such provide the much needed closure on the triangle. But as I said before, well done MY, although she lost the race at the end, she put on such a gallant fight.

  • Aaa

    維尼的樣本是撿錯了嗎? 還是雪翎跟亞倫交往時搞外遇? 如果是後者,丁雪翎果然是個賤貨。 檢驗報告的事情遲早會從秦媽不然就是偉強這裡知道的..

    • Gimy0610



    就算終止對仲祈的領養權又怎樣?? 都長的那麼大了還以為可以完全控制他??
    在法律上解除了養子身份又如何?? 仲祈本來一直姓何的又不姓秦..

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    • Sunny


      • Rocks


      • smile

        你上youtube 寫剩女保鏢幕後花絮就可以看到很多幕後花絮,很好看哦!

    • tan

      I couldn’t find the video for “小鬼把紙球狂丟耿如,把耿如弄哭” Can anybody paste the link here? Thks

      • smile

        The part is not there , I was just saying that the newest video , xiao gui said abt the incident that he threw the paper balls at her and she cried , the part is not there , I was hoping it was there.

  • Nesty

    维尼真的不是亚纶的儿子 ?这个剧情有点牵强… 奶奶一开始不是说维尼跟董事长很像吗????

    • Nesty


  • Devil-master94

    我要 67* !!!!

  • yan39

    自從在一起之後 愛家都好主動呀 無論是傳簡訊 約會 發誓 甚至告訴仲祈她甚麼時候喜歡他的 好閃呀! (羞>///<)

  • Jli0324

    oy… Yalun’s part at the end made me cry.. especially when CaiJie tried to hold in her tears when Yalun chasing WeiNi around… good stuff

  • Jo

    奶奶这次真的聪明反被聪明误。。爱家和仲祈现在真的甜死人不偿命。。 haha

  • guest

    Min hui is a freaking retard

  • LoveZhuGuiDei

    明玉真的长大了!太好了!我看到亚纶和维尼的part, 我哭了~ 跟这么可爱的维尼分开,心好痛好痛啊~ 死丁雪翎,干吗带走维尼,而且还害爱家跌倒,伟强啊!你疯了吗?好喜欢不喜欢,干吗喜欢丁雪翎啊?!

  • DNA

    In Australia no one can collect the child from Childcare or kindy unless the parents or guidance give permission for them to do so. Not sure about Taiwan law, but it seems like it is toooo easy for Ting Suet Ling to take away Winnie from childcare ….. don’t really make sense.

    • yeah I live in Australia too and you can’t leave with a child unless they are authorized by the child’s parent!!

      • jess

        wow wth, me tooo. australia ftw ahahhah xD

        • HAHA which part of australia are you from? i’m from sydney!! 

  • Jtlt

    Tonight’s dinner scene at Qingmei yi’s simply cracked me up! I loved the lessons of life with the bittergourd and Zheng Ba’s exposition of how much “bitterness” they would both have to go through. To think our OTP could get any sweeter! Yes guys, indeed they are a breath of fresh air in the midst of a very emotionally complex family situation. Ai Jia is SOOO feminine when in love, as rightly pointed out by TingTing at the dinner. 

    I think the way that Zhongqi broke the news to Mingyu was really gentle and fitting. Good on him!

    Ok guys big blind spot and rumour I may have potentially caused in my comment yesterday. I think the actor playing Alan did mention in the early days of this drama during the interview, that Winnie wasn’t his real son in the show. Sorry about the misleading comment about Zhongqi and Alan being half-brothers! But I like this layer of complexity, it’s a wonderful exploration of Alan – I AM SOLD. He’s really excellent in this episode, the fact that he had to act to HIDE his sadness to Winnie. This guy is good. He deserves some kind of award! 

    Think the show is being anchored on love being purest and rawest even in it is in unconventional forms. I reiterate this as I’ve mentioned it a few times. The narrative of loving an adopted child and building a bond more precious than a blood-bond – I note that this ran through the Zhongqi plotline and the Alan-Winnie plotline… *beams* And Qingmei’s motley crew of family members, she’s the most sacrificial of them all! Offering to put up shelter for people who have nowhere to go, she managed to create this strange little halfway house animal shelter of sorts for our characters.

    No comments about Qin Ma (crazy, but getting less so, b****) and the Bao Ge Biao Ge subplot (a little not so compelling because the two are just clowns). Looking forward to the next few eps, actually. Wonder what else is up this director’s sleeve. 

    For now, thanks to some of the commenters, I’ve taken to visiting Summer Meng’s page! The girl is looking drop-dead gorgeous. 

  • Guest

    Poor grandma feel so guilty exposing the truth Ya Lun. Be strong Ya Lun.

  • Amenda360

    维尼真的不是亚纶的儿子 ?怎么可能?

  • Sheila380

    Thank you!

  • ngaww wei ni is not alan’s biological son :'(((!! DW ALAN don’t be heartbroken pretty sure the the bond you hvae with each other isn’t any less than the typical biological father-son relationships!! 

    WOW that’s kinda a plot twist…

    so zhongqi’s dad isn’t Alan’s biological dad and Alan isnt wei ni’s biological dad 

    • soul911

      Zhongqi’s dad IS Alan’s Biological dad but alan isn’t weini’s Biological dad because DINGXUELIN cheated on Weini’s dad…….

      • jen

        yeah. farhhhhh that women == ….. 

      • oh rightt I thought I read comments before that Alan wasn’t Zhong qi’s dad’s biological son my bad

  • Ddt543

    is it so called “綁架” if without allen’s permission?

  • Guest

    Very happy to see ZQ stand firm for his love for AJ. Like it when he tear the document without any fear. Well done ZQ. 

  • Cool

    ZQ and Aj are soooo cute together. Like it when ZQ give a piece of his mind to his mum and tear the  document without fear.  Well done ZQ. 

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    • jen

      真的~ 真想跟他們說 他不只是亞倫養了六年的孩子, 他還是你們的兒子 ;( 沒有血緣關係又怎樣, 親情不是用DNA來恆量的嘛 :‘(

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  • Mom

    im first?

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    • M.Y.S.

       no one cares dude

    • Linmary76

      Being first doesn’t make you special

    • Snorax

      Cool story bro. Tell it again.