Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 65

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Teresa Meng plays a bodyguard to a CEO. Raised up in a military family, she is all about responsibility, loyalty and honor. But, the upbring taught her nothing about how to attract a man. She despairs at that prospect of never having a boyfriend.

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  • Devil-master94

    好看好看 !!!

    爱家爸爸好笑 !!!!!!!!

  • aw man i wish i had a boyfriend so he can hug me from behind like zhong qi :'( forever alone LOL

  • Guest


  • Guest


  • Guest

    你怎麼知道? 為什麼我最近在你面前感覺好像沒有穿衣服一樣? 
    世豪叔真的在瞄仲祈的身體呢~ ahahaha… 笑死我~

  • littleke


  • True81820

    never get tired of watching the sweetness of AJ & ZJ ……watching over n over again !! sweet……

  • Krazie



  • Lilfir<3AiJia

    OMG! From the preview I just saw, Xueling did succeed in taking Winnie away in a taxi and Ai-Jia trying to save Winnie got hurt in the process. You guys heard something? It’s the sound of my heart breaking. 🙁

    • Max

      The preview that I saw was just XL and Winnie going off in a taxi and AJ looking extremely alarmed. They didn’t show her getting hurt. OMG. In fact I was hoping for some real body guarding action here where AJ will chase them down in her motorbike with ZQ in tow. Where did you see the preview from?

      • True81820


      • Lilfir<3AiJia

        Yep. SummerMengIFC Fb.

      • Lilfir<3AiJia

        Yep. SummerMengIFC Fb.

  • Rockit<3

    YES!!! Mingyu is gonna start having feelings for those two other bodyguards!!
    but I think Qin Mac has turned psycho. she just doesn’t get that zhonqi will never love Mingyu and that she understands…
    they should take her to a psychiatrist. cause she’s mentally insane.
    zhonqi and ai jia are so adorable together! it was kinda funny when Zheng ba gave the wake up call and ai jia and zhonqi were fighting over who should use the bathroom first.

  • Rocka

    I used to hate Ming Yu like crazy but ever since she changed for Zhong Qi all I feel is pity and sympathy for her… I mean I don’t even think she l”loved” Zhong Qi in that way before. She seemed like she just didn’t want to lose such a loving brother. Gotta say it was all QinMa’s fault for brainwashing and manipulating her own daughter to keep her spot in the family … Absolutely selfish and disgusting. What a b*tch. And honesty Ming Yu has changed so much … She deserves much more than her mom’s continuous griping and selfish desires… Poor Ming Yu. She has merely served as a marionette in QinMa’s hands.

  • TWG

    i think Ming Yu is entirely capable of being sensible and would have been if not for crazy mother~~ i actually feel quite sorry for her to have a mother like that~
    i hope there are no nasty couple breakups from here too!~ we’ve waited 60+eps for ZQ&AJ together~ if they breakup now i will be sooo mad!

  • Lilfir<3AiJia

    Hard to stomach Wei-Qiang being mesmerised by Xue Ling. It’s odd whichever you look at it from. Suddenly the nerdy innocent boy turns into well, not so innocent. I suppose Xue Ling will not stop at anything to get hold of Winnie by ‘seducing’ Wei-Qiang.  

    Qinma basically lost it. Lost her mind that is. 

    I don’t hate Mingyu anymore. In fact, starting to sympathise with her. Her love for Zhongqi is actually comparable to Ai-Jia’s but Zhongqi of course, chose Ai Jia. Glad that she’s finally coming to her senses. I hope she and Zhongqi can still be siblings and that she will bless our favourite duo.

    Reading from some of your comments on Zhongqi & Alan’s revelation that they could be true half brothers, then that kind of explains the unmistakable brother-like chemistry between them. 

    Together with MAX, yes! I hope they don’t separate. We waited eons for them to be together. I want to see them brave through it all together. 

    Love the telepathy between them. They spoke the same words, look at each other at the same time, peered out of their room together. Also love that they could even communicate with gestures. 

    I’m so glad that Ai-Jia is taking more initiatives than Zhongqi. 🙂

    Ai-Jia’s pouting lips when she was playing with Winnie is so oh my god irresistable. LOL. 😀

    See you guys tomorrow. (:


  • kdsjfas0d8fuq3

    Qing Ma has turned retarded and insane. ZQ and AJ 4ever

  • Sky_smile_922

    他媽媽好像有被害妄想症哦 神經病-.-

  • Efgqa

    oh god, i really want to see what happen. do agrivated.

  • Bilet

    Looks like zhongqi’s biological father had an affair with his best friend (qinba) ‘s ex-wife!
    I think ai Jia and zhong Qi are too busy dating resulting in DXL having the chance to take Weini away….. Oh no :(. But still, loving ZQ and AJ’s sweet moments:)))

  • smile


  • smile


  • Re

    It is nice to see ZJ and AJ supporting each other, going through tough and good times together.
    Too sweet for each other.

    The preview shows that ting suet ling came and took Winnie away. Hopefully that will affect AJ and ZJ relationship…with grandma and Ya Lun. Hate those misunderstanding scenes

    • Re

      It is nice to see ZJ and AJ supporting each other, going through tough and good times together.
      Too sweet for each other.

      The preview shows that ting suet ling came and took Winnie away. Hopefully that will Not affect AJ and ZJ relationship…with grandma and Ya Lun. Hate those misunderstanding scenes

  • Guest

    stupid annoying mother!! WAKE UP!! even ming yu knows what shes suppose to do..

  • LoveZhuGuiDei

    其实明玉已经知道跟仲祈不可能了,但她妈一直煽动~ 难怪明玉会觉得烦啊!爱家跟仲祈也太sweet了吧?哈哈!仲祈穿伟强的衣服也太可爱了吧~

  • Jli0324

    一大早兩個人就怎麼sweet。。。也難怪家人都看得不爽。。。可是。。 我好爽喔!!!等他們兩個這種片段也等了太久了!!現在就要一直甜蜜下去!!!


    除了瘋子以外..還有其他文字能形容敏慧嗎?? = =

  • Jtlt

    EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL. How horrid can Qin Ma get? 

    At least we know Mingyu is half-convinced now…

    But friends, the show is going to throw a spanner in the works as it looks like Alan is NOT Qin Ba’s son (from the previews) 

    I may be wrong, but I have this sinking suspicion that Zhongqi and Alan are true half-brothers! The plot is thickening… Explains the motorcycle in the garage.

    And Ding Xue Ling is reappearing substantially tomorrow… eeps…why must the baddies right now be the women characters? 

    Only consolation today was the loving scenes between Zhongqi and Ai Jia… once again, they look like they are truly enjoying these loveydovey scenes… hee hee… right? 

    • Max

      Yes, I guess so too, Alan’s mother had an affair with ZQ’s biological father (??). Yucks!!

      And Wei Chiang is helping Xue Ling in kidnapping Winnie? Gosh, I hope she doesn’t succeed, otherwise, we will see a guilt ridden AJ the next couple of episodes.

      One thing I really hope to see in this drama is that the main leads don’t break up in the face of adversity (like they usually do in other dramas) only together again towards the end. I think the ZQ/AJ sweetness has become our main staple diet, therefore, we need the nourishment daily!!

    • Max

      And, oh yes, they are definitely enjoying the loving scenes. Go watch the bts on Summer Meng’s fb. They were also tired of the downcast and dejected scenes of the previous numerous episodes. I believe this was what went wrong in TAC ( not that I want to bring this up again) but the writers then appear not to know when to stop.

      So, at least upto now, kudos to the production team of SSB for dishing such a fantastic fare for us to vet appetite everyday.

  • Guest

    You’ll get diabetes watching Zhong Qi and Ai Jia together! SO SWEET! <3

  • Jo


    • Greatnews

      Sooooo sweet



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