Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 44

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Teresa Meng plays a bodyguard to a CEO. Raised up in a military family, she is all about responsibility, loyalty and honor. But, the upbring taught her nothing about how to attract a man. She despairs at that prospect of never having a boyfriend.

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Tipster Rednimer
  • stop breaking jiong qi& ai jia

    whats with the mother and ming yu ? -.- so irritating !!

  • Wretch


  • jt

    this part of the show shows everybody’s selfish sides.. zzz so irritating.

  • guest

    that was a great ending to a hectic ep. must give it to the directors to let use have that little bit of excitement and comedy in the end or else the whole weekend wait would be supppper annoying!

  • Guest

    The 采潔 character is actually quite likable the actress who plays her ruins it a bit by over-exaggerating too much. 

  • tan

    qin ma and ming yu is worse than cai jie x1000

  • tan

    Loveeee the part of zhong qi and ai jia!!! The rest is just boring… esp family issues. Hope they show more of zhongqi and aijia 

  • Zxc


  • Zqajftw

    拜托 千万不要拖到大结局才在一起!超想看多点爱家和仲祈在一起的时候啦!

  • JL


  • KGuest

    為什麼感覺 男女主角 男女配角的戲份好像都對倒了…..

  • Guest

    亞倫是成年人, 有自己房子, 有自己事業, 不需要依靠父每, 認祖歸宗真的有那麼重要嗎? (sorry, 我可能太冷血). 即使相認了, 也不用住在一起吧?!

  • Christophehtw


  • Guest


    • Guest

      對對, 怎麼一知道自己多了個孫及曾孫, 兩眼都放光, 團圓大過一切

    • becky


  • LoVeGhOsT

    仲祈才是最可憐的吧! 他們都不關心關心他 =( 

  • Rockit<3

    Vey sad episode.., good thing the directors made the last bit happy. Very smart cai jie :3
    Alan actually gives very interesting but good advice! Cuddling up in the rain…
    I wonder if our 2 lead actors will actually kiss! I can’t believe that Qin ma is gonna have Ming yu work for zhongqi… Is she crazy? What does ai jia have to do with her anger issues? >:0
    I hope to see more of happy zheng ba

  • LoveGui

    下个礼拜,维尼的妈妈会出现喔~ 看来采潔跟alan会吵架吧?演维尼的妈妈是‘夏如芝’喔!

    • 123


      • nameless

        i see another show got sweetsweetbodyguard ep45 preview

        • scrumpisme

          where where? i wanna see! 🙂

  • Guest


  • guest


    • replyer

      BUT but but remember a few eps back there, they said 50% of the company belongs to he family

  • Zz

    觉得问题就是秦太太真的缺乏安全感…她自己也说了, 怕她和明玉将来会一无说有。认祖归宗的戏码好无聊


  • Max

    “hao xiang ohhhh”………

    Qin Ma kicks into gear the next episode, coming in between Zhong Qi and Ai Jia. Much as i hate all these coming-in-between the leads in all dramas, I am trying to look at this objectively this time round (becoz I love this drama too much to give up on it halfway). Ming Yu has to come in to wake Ai Jia up with respect to her feelings towards Zhong Qi. Obviously Ai Jia has feelings for Zhong Qi, otherwise she would not go out of her way to help him and care for him. Unfortunately she is too dense to realise it. She will get all upset and jealous and hence realises that she likes Zhong Qi. Remember she already expressed some unhappiness in the presence of Zhong Qi’s classmate Zhang Jia Zhen.

    Whatever it is, I hope the director and writers are not going to make viewers cringe and suffer like what they did in TAC. If this happens, I swear I will lay off TW dramas forever.

    • Guest

      Oh that TAC was HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE!!!! Do NOT turn this drama like TAC….

    • guest

      same here! they have been good so far with the plot, hope they dont disappoint!

  • LoveZhuGui

    仲祈好可憐 :'(

  • Fatman


    • NEILA


  • Amenda360

       我恨死明玉 ! 仲祈和爱家是天生一对! 然后,明玉就来搞破坏! 还想当仲祈的助理 ?! 不知好歹呀 ! 恨死明玉的声音! 我抄不喜欢娃娃音, 尤其是从明玉口中出来的娃娃音 !!! 有爱家来当助理就好啦! 为什么要那个秦明玉呢 ?! 我好想看爱家和仲祈的发展哦 !!!

    • Guest

      对啊~!还要秦妈帮明玉变成总经理助理……== 我觉得她们母女俩过后的所有举动都会令人讨厌~

      • Amenda360

        对咯!仲祈把明玉当成妹妹而已啊 ! 明玉自以为是的把仲祈当成情人 .

    • ADNIL



  • Fatman


  • Jo


  • guest

    陳博正(甄爸)本身講話風格就是”妙語如珠”、”出口成章”嗎??還是編劇為他”量身訂做”的一連串非常”趣味”的台詞?!他在之前的真愛找麻煩、家有四千金裡面也都是醬子的說話風格 ; )  聽他說話還真的挺有趣的XDD

  • KTS

    都過了一半為什麼片頭和片尾都不換一下= =

  • KTS


    • Agg


  • ALS

    怒了, 這個家當仲祈什麽啊?沒有兒子/需要別人經營公司的時候就說仲祈是兒子, 有親生兒子就忘了仲祈的努力

  • KTS


    愛家的神經真的太大條了= = 還有30多集,該不會一直大條下去吧=.= 

  • Guest


  • Sheila380


  • guest12

    愛家, 爲什麽妳的神經線不能比雷龍的細一點呢?

  • huh!


  • Long


    愛家….神經線真的比電纜線還粗 糟糕

    • Jo


      • Guest


  • hahaah…..finally