Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 42

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Teresa Meng plays a bodyguard to a CEO. Raised up in a military family, she is all about responsibility, loyalty and honor. But, the upbring taught her nothing about how to attract a man. She despairs at that prospect of never having a boyfriend.

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  • Guest

    wtf. no one except zhong qi cared about how his mom would feel when she heard about ya lun being the son of his dad.

  • ALS

    其實最可憐的是仲祈吧。 明明是秦家的事還要被夾在中間, 秦爸給亞倫煮飯, 而不是給仲祈煮飯。。。 秦太太把明玉生活在無憂無慮,仲祈卻是要擔起這個家。。。 還好亞倫不是設定為壞人,回來搶家產的。

  • KTS


    • KTS


  • Klotz_14

    ni hao!  were did they get the word NANAY the one they use to call there grandma?
    is it a chinese word? thanx hope somebody can answer me.

  • Melyzenisa28

    Huang hong sheng __teresa meng_1234_I Like Ciayoooo..:):):):)

  • guest

    我好喜歡小鬼講”怎麼了”的語氣 好溫柔哈哈 有時候他在娛百跟蝴蝶講也是

  • Chufarn

    I think Alan is not CEO’s son. They keep bringing up the DNA issue.

  • Cynthia

    I love to see 秦太太 Liu 瑞琪姐, she has a good acting skill. I saw her movies since she was at her young age. She maintains so well.

    • jy

      ya her acting in ‘autumn concerto’ left me a deep impression, although it had already been some time. Despite only taking up minor roles, she always acted them out so naturally.

  • Wretch

    世豪叔你好可爱!一直帮仲祈 〈3

  • Minflower13

    They have very poor acting skills

  • ><


    • Fatman

      其實敏慧是怕自己(還有明玉)地位不保,見到奶奶跟啟宏都這麼疼alan 跟維尼

      • KTS

        也許因為這樣她害怕失去更多,所以阻止愛家和仲祈 (把仲祈留在身邊?)

        • guest

          so lame.  She already know that her husband, i cant understand why she need to upset about. 

    • Guest

      She is being very petty… She should have welcomed the doctor and cute WeLi with open arms.

  • rainnnn

    aww, @ 00:33 wei ni want to laugh <3 how cute <3 

    • Guest

      Exactly! I saw it too~ Haha! So cute~ I think he was thinking so dramatic!

  • Guest

    很期待小鬼即将献上他的自作歌给爱家!! 一定超感人的!

  • Guest


  • Cheryl

    actually the mom should not be so super angry. because the dad alr had the son before he marries the mom not after he marries the mom then he go find other girls and have a son……….. just my opinion. no offence #justsaying

  • Adel

    Ep42 is mute

  • Fatman


  • Ceciliachan199795

    yeah… wait for u for long day:’)

  • Guest

    xiao gui face got a pimple, must take care oh!

    • LoveZhuGui

      Not enough sleep plus too tired I guess… 🙁

  • F鬼迷


    • qqdqwqw

      are u fucking kidding me!!!!

      • jes


    • Alien

      I think you are very late ^^

      • F鬼迷

        coz my computer load very slow^^

  • guest

    i like to see how the CEO care about his mom

  • Hazelwai

    haha so fast tdy 

  • Amenda360

    Ya Hoo!!! Finally~~~ 

  • Gelangielol

    oh god.. is there going to be that stupid “IM FIRST” thing again…

  • guest


  • Jorela13


  • Sheila380

    Oh Yes!

  • guest