Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 41

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Teresa Meng plays a bodyguard to a CEO. Raised up in a military family, she is all about responsibility, loyalty and honor. But, the upbring taught her nothing about how to attract a man. She despairs at that prospect of never having a boyfriend.

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  • becky


  • guest

    i bet wailee’s mom gonna come back and try to take wailee back in later episodes

  • Cindy

    哈哈哈 維尼最後一幕偷笑

  • Guest


  • Tiffany Soh

    who know when is every new ep coming out timing?

  • Melyzenisa28

    Teresa meng __huang Hong sheng ciayooo_1234_>_<..

  • Gracet1218

    no preview??
    also i really want Ai jia & Zhong qi’s relationship to develop faster, very looking forward to~

  • ksdksd

    omg is it just me or does everyone hate the dad. he is so selfish and doesnt care about anyone’s feelings.

  • True81820

    ai jia & zhongji always made me happy……小鬼 so cute when he said 大嫂!!

  • Wendy Li 93

    i remember watching from multiple interviews of alien saying that he likes girls with short hairs. Look alien, summer meng  has short hair!! please be together <3

  • guest

    亞倫跟采潔在一起這麼久 都還沒kiss過?? 難怪感覺他們那段一直沒辦法很投入的看..

    • themorningshines


  • Rockit<3

    god, qin ba never told qin ma that he had a child b4?! good job nai nai! left his own son…
    otherwise, i think that this episode was ok.

  • TomLS1314


  • loveJPM-F414

    no preview T_________T 🙁

  • KTS


  • Wretch

    Cai Jie is an AWESOME wing-woman! 

  • Tba

    Your video always stopped in half way, so annoying

    • Jli0324

      .. i think it’s your computer.. it’s working perfectly fine for mine… be more grateful… at least they’re willing to upload it for you.. If you’re not satisfied with this good quality video, that is uploaded for us everyday, on time to see… then go find your sources elsewhere.. no need to be rude….

    • Joe

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  • Max

    Another piece of info – apparently starting from November, this drama is only going to be aired 4 days a week (ie. Mon-Thurs). The Friday slot will be taken over by another drama starring Chris Wang (fans of IP will probably jump for joy).

    • NOOOOO I think there’s another drama that stars Annie Chen that will be airing on Fridays

      • Max

        Annie Chen’s True Love While will takeover GHFC’s slot at 9pm, Mon-Fri (for Oct) and then Mon-Thurs (from Nov onwards).
        Chris Wang’s Rented Lover (or something) will be aired on Fridays from 8-10pm starting Nov.

    • Innocence

      waaa. nooo! now its going to make me wait longer! T_T

  • Max

    Today’s episode was powerful, to say the least. My emotions were on a roller coaster throughout. What surprised me was that it was Cai Jie’s proposal that caused my adrenalin pumping!!! Initially I was one of those who found Cai Jie’s role a little annoying. But halfway into the series, both Alan and her completely turned the tide on me. Alan’s acting is very solid and convincing whilst Cai Jie has improved so much that she gives a whole new meaning to a conventional female’s role in a relationship. Wow!!!

    And of course, Xiao Gui is just so ….. (I have yet to come out with a perfect description of him). On the other hand, Jtlt so aptly described Ai Jia in one of the earlier recap, “she is so cute that he just wants to put her in his pocket”.

  • Innocence

    Where’s the preview for tomorrow’s episode? is it just me or its not really there?

  • Jtlt

    *spoiler ahead* 

    Again, a perfect execution to a potentially tacky scene… this director is on a roll.. I was moved to tears when Grandma Qin hit Qin Ba for not telling her earlier and letting her flesh and blood sleep on the streets…. Today, the show just got BETTER. And I thought it had reached its climax!

    And…. *squeeeee* Xiao gui’s acting is superb! So funny when he called Du Cai Jie “Da Sao” (Older sister-in-law) in the first scene. 

    • Jtlt

      Forgot to say that I absolutely loved Du Cai Jie’s proposal scene… I could feel the emotion in her declarations…and see the hesitation in Alan’s face. To all those naysayers, Du Cai Jie’s acting has improved leaps and bounds and I beg to differ that she’s irritating. She’s an essential part of the show. To me, she’s such a strong female character and I think we can take the cue from her in the initiative that she uses to woo her man 😉

      Alan is also proving to be less stiff and I could see him choking back tears in the outed truth scene with Qin Ba. 

  • Tiffany Soh

    no preview 🙁


  • guest

    she play those balloons like a child. hehehe

    • qqdqwqw


  • guest

    lucky seven

  • Ceciliachan199795


  • Amenda360


  • Jianliang_lee


  • F鬼迷


  • Tyrhgh

    First! 🙂

  • xiao gui <3

    1st !

    • Guest

      does it matter?

      • Guest

        depends on your point of view some does some dont 

    • Oh

      He wants to be one out of many xiao gui’s fans to watch the video online first. Xiao gui will be touched when he sees this. 🙂