Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 40

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Teresa Meng plays a bodyguard to a CEO. Raised up in a military family, she is all about responsibility, loyalty and honor. But, the upbring taught her nothing about how to attract a man. She despairs at that prospect of never having a boyfriend.

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  • Becky


    • Stella

       Should they?  I don’t wear one myself o______O

  • Melyzenisa28

    Huang hong sheng teresa meng I Like__1234_>_<..

  • True81820

    love ai jia n  Zhongqi…..;))

  • Rockit<3

    not a favourite episode, but it was ok… i guess (trying not to b mean)
    parts that were really good: cai jie defending winnie, ai jia in that super cute white dress, zhongqi being all shy when cai jie told him to go up cause she wanted to take a pic
    cant wait to see what other stuff shi hao shu has in mind for the next episode! >_<

  • Jtlt

    We’ve reached the glorious halfway mark, viewers. Let me be a bit more verbose as I recount the half of the series just gone past.


    In these 40 episodes we’ve seen our lead couple hate each other and grow closer through platonic friendship and personal triumphs. We’ve seen our lead male start to go head over heels over our lead female, and stare at her countless times with googly eyes, our lead female just oblivious to it all.

    We’ve seen our second lead couple enter into a very different phase in their relationship. From just a comfortable status quo, to one verging on the edge of marriage. And a very cute little boy with curly hair steal the limelight with his lovely voice. 


    The main story arch in the 40 episodes was Zhongqi’s finding of self, and the balance he could strike between his passion and responsibilities. In the end, after reconciling with his adoptive father who opposed his underground singing, he chose responsibilities over passion, in an unspoken resignation that that was his lot. But I’m sure the story about his singing won’t rest easy later on. If I had to pick a favourite episode, it was the culmination of Zhongqi’s search for being true, Episodes 27-28. They set the stage (figuratively and literally) for the exploration of Ai Jia’s character. As Grandma Qin rightly pointed out, Ai Jia needs to find HERSELF and enjoy the ordinary womanly things she never got to do. And Zhongqi needs to help her with that now, and cross the obstacles by Zheng Ba to win the fair maiden’s heart.

    Then there are two sub-story archs on parental issues: Alan and Qin Ba, Ai Jia and Zheng Ba. Both sets of parents struggle with the inability to connect with their biological children, and the misunderstandings that had come between them over the years. Ai Jia and Zheng Ba’s arch has been resolved because she forgave her dad. Alan has not, and is keeping a healthy distance till the second half of the show. 

    There were the mini-archs: Cheng En and his wish to pursue art but driven to business studies because of his practical sister, Qingmei Yi’s good-for-nothing husband and the supporting children, Qin Ma’s suspicion of Qin Ba, the business deal between Gao Qiao and Runzi brought together by Zhongqi’s impassioned speech.

    Lots of variety, and not at all conventional. In fact, all the story archs were refreshing and entertaining.


    Judging by the pattern of this current director, there might be minimal new characters. New characters, if introduced, won’t be recurring. I had initially thought that Alan’s mum and Qingmei Yi’s husband would make an appearance, but now I think the director Feng Kai’s approach is to let sleeping dogs lie and not rock the boat too much with the introduction of a character that will change the dynamic of the show. 

    Obviously, the romantic plotlines are going to feature equally heavily in the second half. Likely we will see Zhongqi having to go through many different obstacles (all of which have some symbolism), in order to win the honour of being with Ai Jia. And Alan and Cai Jie will be married. Mingyu might kick up a big fuss and start to go all wonky over Zhongqi if she finds out of his intentions.

    The reconciliation of Alan and his father might not come so soon, but the truth is out in the next week, so we’ll see how the show uses the outed truth to bring the characters closer to each other. 

    Don’t forget we still have a few more mini-archs: Qingmei yi and Zheng Ba. And I’m pretty sure Ai Jia will have some phenomenal personal growth moments in the second half, thanks to Zhongqi. I won’t be surprised if the show serves up some corporate/action thriller too, which was how it all begun. 🙂

    VERDICT – 

    Show, you deserve at least an 8.5 upon 10 for the first 40 episodes. I haven’t watched a show in its entirety (without skipping any part) for a LONG time. I’m so in love. Initially I only liked the lead couple, but I grew to love each character as part of this whole wonderfully written, acted, directed and produced show. The show is so great that I can laugh out loud and tear in one single episode. 🙂 Such is the power of a drama that knows who to cut to the chase and touch the innermost parts of our being, because of its keen understanding of humanity.

    Now that the chemistry has been established between the stable of actors, let’s hope this daily drama surpasses our expectations again in the second half, and doesn’t lose ANY steam! 

    • Sheila380

      Love reading your comments about the episode and the show.

      • Jtlt

        Thanks all 🙂 Provide your responses too, if any! Bounce ideas off each other.

    • Weinawong

      Very good comment…Bravo….Good job

    • QWERTY

      Lol always read ur comment before watching de show… Haha although there maybe some spoilers,but i really loved to read your comments since i am able to have an idea on what the episode was going to be like.. And at the same time,im also able to learnenglish through your use of words.. Your vocab is really fantastic.. And i guess if i have half of how ou write your comments then i guess i can easily get an A for my english compo test already^^ but anyway, your comments are really great^^ as it gives a summary for the whole episode haha^.^

    • Jli0324

      I agree with most of what you say, except for a character introduction. I honestly think that a new character intro might appear… whom may it be, I have no clue, but I honestly feel a new character might be on it’s way

  • PLOT TWIST: Zhong Qi ends up with Cai Jie 

    • KC


      • asfasdf

        WTF! Thats retarded

    • jes

      AHHAHAHAHHA LOL that would never ever happen hahaha

      • hahhaha yeah that would never happen I was just thinking of the curve balls the directors can give us since Ex-Boyfriend had such an unexpected ending hahah

    • Jtlt

      Ahahahahaha… noooo… all the Xiao Gui fans will be up in arms… but they do have some brother-sisterly chemistry going on

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    這種感覺的維持度就像我對付你一樣 我可以維持一輩子
    總經理 你是亞倫的弟弟 你一定要幫幫我
    如果你再潑我冷水的話 我就跟愛家說你喜歡她 要追她
    總經理 你上次說要跟人事部討論一下我升官的事情 現在處理得怎麼樣啦


  • 維尼好可愛

  • 23456

    采潔終於想要結婚囉 🙂

  • KGuest

    維尼演的都比彩潔好….太多了 !!!

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  • Ngennli1026

    这部戏就这样播了半部~ ^^

  • Pleasent_ricky

    do you have the link for download ??????

  • Sheila380

    Thank you!

  • Innocence

    Sixth? 😛

  • Jay


    • Jli0324

      I think it has a lot to do with her male counter part as well. He acts well, but they have absolutely no chemistry. Either it’s because they both are connected by Taozi or that they just can’t get into it.. but no feel for each other at all. I like the scenes of her and ZhongQi so much more that of her and LiLiRen. I think as a whole, it brings the story along very well. We can’t have the second couple over shadowing the first couple like in TiAmo Chocolate… 

  • Amenda360

    Fourth 🙂

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  • F鬼迷



  • lalalalalala

    first ! 

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