Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 33

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Tipster Rednimer
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  • YO I luv BBq

    when will put new episode

  • guest

    Is this going to be available for download?? The download link only available until ep16

  • True81820

    加油加油加油……..好看好看…….辛苦了 !支持你們……

  • Jimmy

    現在特寫他們的臉時 都很明顯地看到黑眼圈
    小鬼的眼睛 有時也感覺很垂 就是很想睡覺的那種眼睛…
    真是辛苦兩位了 >.<

  • Wretch

    The ending song always makes me smile. So cute la 

  • Rockit<3

    Poor zhongqi. But I think that he really shouldn’t be any different than b4. He should just be himself toward ai jia.
    In the preview, ai jia looks sooooo cute! :3 ive been waiting for her to change her hair like that because rite now it looks too poofy.

  • Melyzenisa28

    12__:):)34__:):) and+++++ciayooo_+ciayooo_-:):)

    Huang Hong Sheng &Teresa meng wow romance_-:):)_Likeeeee

  • Melyzenisa28

    I Like_++++++Huang Hong Sheng _+++Teresa meng_wow_–1234_ciayooo_Ciayooo_:):)

  • TomLS1314

    1230左右,手機都沒解鎖就撥出了 > < /

  • Minflower13

    the sweet sweet romance just go fire up from a 1 to a 10

  • Guiiiii

    xiao gui so sweet!! 

  • Tchiah2008


  • *0*

    愛家 and 
    仲祈 are so sweet>W< 
    i just want to watch them..采潔 couple is so boring;/ 

  • Aiu

    我的心情真的是既期待又怕被傷害 T_T好怕就這樣然後就完結篇了….可以演久一點嗎!!!!

    • LoveGui


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  • Ngennli1026

    小鬼的新歌‘忘了怎么快乐’什么时候才会出现在戏里面呢~?期待~ ^^

  • Guest


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  • Sin Yi Khoo


  • smile

    爱死何仲祈了啦!那么可爱,酒窝也那么可爱,全身都可爱到不行了!So Cute

  • Wet19910626

    看看12分鐘到13分鐘 愛家打的電話 根本就在桌面  我大笑 哈哈!! 但是還是很好看~~

  • Jli0324

    愛家: ”真的嗎?“
    仲祈: “當然是真的。我騙你幹嘛?你覺得我有可能這麼容易讓你離開我嗎?”
    (^//////^) Less than a minute into this episode and already so FREAKIN sweet!!!!! 開心!!!!!

  • tan

    It is so funny that zhongqi is treating ai jia so good then she feels weird. hahahha. 

  • Alis


  • Fatman


  • fans


  • shun

    this show RAWKS MY SOUL! thanks for the upload! ^^

  • guest

    thanks from Indonesia

  • Guest

    thankyou 🙂