Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 23

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Teresa Meng plays a bodyguard to a CEO. Raised up in a military family, she is all about responsibility, loyalty and honor. But, the upbring taught her nothing about how to attract a man. She despairs at that prospect of never having a boyfriend.

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  • 奶奶說八股是啥意思??

  • Gioghr9


  • jt

    the nai nai wear heels =x

  • 愛采潔丶


  • feipo

    the mother good or bad?? she sincerely help Zhong Qi??

  • Sushitha

    LOL. Qin mei yi always never get to change the days left on the whiteboard……

  • Knife

    一把大刀實在是太妙了 哈哈

  • Ericruss

    hey, ur advertising of player system always influence me while I was watching it. meanwhile, my screen would be black screen and then it didnt come back….

    please change player system ok?

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  • Joanne

    super niceeee episodee!!! 🙂 touching and smiles!! love! 😀

  • Guest

    is the child zhongqi the kid in dong men si shao?

  • Jtlt

    If only I could recap dramas for a living… 


    I swear this show is getting better. And not because, as alleged by someone in the comments section of the previous episode, I recap as a publicity stunt. Please! I have a day job and I do this only because I secretly derive pleasure from it, not that I expect anyone to read this. 🙂 It’s picking up momentum, and I feel like every day I’m watching a whirlwind of events that throw a viewer into some kind of emotional TV turmoil. 

    This episode is evidence that the writers are so crucial in every show. They can take the simplest storyline and dialogue and turn it into a heartwarming scene. The scenes were less light-hearted here, and I must say I cried the most that I’ve ever cried for this show. Seriously! There was the reconciliation between father and daughter, during the revelation that Cheng Ba cried while cutting his daughter’s hair, a necessary evil because he couldn’t cope with the loss of his wife, and was helpless at tying his daughter’s hair every day. It was taking a toll on his mood. Don’t you think Cheng Ba’s smile is absolutely endearing? It’s sheepish – almost as if he’s ashamed to be expressing emotions! And that sad scene where Grandma Qin visited Zhongqi and recounted his real father’s wish to sing on stage after his career became established – heartbreaking, but felt so real. 

    On the romantic front, Zhongqi was shown eating the corn stick snack he was given by Ai Jia, after calling out to her subconsciously for a glass of water. Love the parallel scene where Ai Jia was made to run past Zhongqi again when she decisively went back to the garage to look out for him. I realized that idol drama writers like to play up that precious childhood encounter. This time, Zhongqi chased after Ai Jia, indignant that she brushed past him when they were children, only to find Ai Jia professed she came back to protect a friend. It was a sweet resolution to something that gave him a little chip on his shoulder, but so revealing. The roles will reverse, viewers. But when, I do not know. Mark my words! They’re still in friend-zone, and rightfully so, but it looks like Zhang Jiazhen (someone who looks like Gillian Chung?) is going to rock the boat and make Ai Jia a little jealous. Saw in the preview that Zhongqi looked all googly-eyed when Zhang Jiazhen did a Marilyn Monroe in her skirt.

    On a completely separate note, I loved that they used more than simplified conversational Mandarin in this episode. LOVED the use of Chinese proverbs and sayings. (: [劝君更尽一杯酒,西出阳关无敌人]

    Last thought –  I just realized that all the main characters in this show have had an absent parent in one way or another. I’d attribute it to the writers’ exploration of the concept of protecting someone to plug the gap. We do it out of instinct, out of guilt, out of friendship, but most of all out of self-sacrificial love, and that’s what I think this show hopes to portray. Or maybe I’m just reading too much into this… 

    Great episode again. It doesn’t help that Huang Hong Sheng looks too good to be true in this series – i love it when Grandma Qin calls him 小酒窝 “small dimple”, it just melts my heart!

    • Linya

       Jtlt..I absolutely love your recaps!! As an American who has been living in China for 4 years, I have no problem with conversational Chinese, but more abstract concepts are difficult. I started watching dramas a couple of years ago to improve listening skills, and its transitioned into the favorite part of my day! I love finding shows like this one that aren’t subtitled but use mostly simple Chinese. I can understand most of the episode but I don’t understand the Chinese proverbs, 成语,etc. By the way, what’s the meaning of 劝君更尽一杯酒,西出阳关无敌人? I can understand the words but don’t understand the deeper meaning of “Drink a glass of wine, because there are no enemies coming from the West!” Does it just mean to relax?

      You write amazingly well and definitely enhance my comprehension–maybe you should consider writing critical reviews as a second career!

      • 999

        劝君更尽一杯酒,西出阳关无故人 is a poem >> tang shi. and its 故人。 故 means old. so it means once you left this place “阳关“ you will no longer see ur old friends/ the familiar ppl u know

        • 999

          oops sorry 阳关 is the place the person is going to, a desert with only few person. 

          the poem showed how deep the relationship btw the two friends are.

          • Linya

             Thanks so much for the great explanations! 我的中文还差得很远:)

      • 999

        it is a farewell poem. the person A sending the other party B off asked him to drink one more glass of wine, once he left that place, he will no longer see his old friends anymore(which largely referred to himself). 

        On the other hand, by asking the person B to drink one more glass of wine, also show how unwilling A is to part with B. A hope to see B more even if it is only a drink time.

      • Jtlt

        Thanks Linya! I’m glad it helps your comprehension. My first language is English, too, even though I’m Chinese. But due to my country’s bilingual policy I know Mandarin (but not good enough for it to be business Chinese.) Hope you persevere! Your mandarin is pretty good for you to understand this drama! I’ll try and explain the proverbs where I can.

    • Yilin

      Hi Jtlt,
      Thank you for your recaps daily 🙂 I love to read them even thou I can understand Chinese 😀

      • Jtlt

        Thank you Yilin (; Share your thoughts on the show too! 

  • Kuan9968

    這集讓人甜甜的!!!感謝sweet sweet Bodyguard,我想看到end 求你了

  • Jearlie

    奶奶 is the best! hee.. she is so supportive. wah.. aijia finally feels a tinge of pain =P she better realise that she likes zhong qi before he gets snatched away.. hee.. i love xiao gui’s smiles!  <3 <3 <3

  • Rockit<3

    Finally more ai jia and zhongqi screen time! Can’t wait to see zhongqi’s crush <3

  • Jo


  • Guest


  • Guest

    yes! zhong qi’s first crush will get ai jia jealous and then ai jia will snatch zhong qi back!!! 😀

  • elizabeth chew

    OMG… ai Jia jealous!! Can’t wait for tomorrow episode!!

  • Jessica91


    • scrumpisme

      im just confused. is it just me or is she gonna be one of zhongqi’s love interests? e way she acts its like jealousy but maybe its just her bad acting. hahahhaha


    明天的預告 我感覺到愛家有點吃醋了?
    大家有覺得嗎 ?

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  • 倪兒


  • KGuest

    我好愛奶奶 !! 我好想我的奶奶….

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