Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 22

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Teresa Meng plays a bodyguard to a CEO. Raised up in a military family, she is all about responsibility, loyalty and honor. But, the upbring taught her nothing about how to attract a man. She despairs at that prospect of never having a boyfriend.

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  • FIX VIDEO thanks

    Fix please !! Thanks

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  • Minflower13

    what the fuck is wrong with the viedo every time the comercial comes on they will black out the screen and you can’t see the viedo when it comes back on

    • Jli0324

      then use other fucking link… it’s not that hard… no need to be angry….

  • Minflower13

    21 is a repeat of 22  what the hell

    • Rockit<3

      No it isn’t.

  • Rockit<3

    Episode 23!!!

  • Guest

    I think what makes this drama great is that they got the 2 cutest people in the world to act in it <3 xiao gui and meng geng ru

    • Mydad’safuckingdog

      Agree agree! Love them so much

  • xiao gui <3

    每次听到好不好的歌出现我就会哭 TATTTT


      我也是 TVT~!!!!!

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  • kanboooo


    可是越看越難過 :((

  • feipo

    in the song, xiao gui touched ai jia’s breast, which ep?? please………

    • Love Show Forever

      it is just in the song,cause it is especially act for the song. 

  • This drama is starting to get super good 😀 So sad when AiJia had to leave ZhongQi… love watching the two of them cause they are so cute and funny! Can’t wait for the next episode!

  • Rockit<3

    I think zhongqi is starting to have feelings for ai jia.


    仲祈:: 呀唔丟謝謝你
    愛家:: 呀唔丟不客氣
    晴美姨:: 呀唔丟歡迎我


  • Jtlt

    Think that this show has found the right mix of dramatic and comedic elements so far. So much that I can laugh, and cry, all in the same episode! 
    Frankly, the start of a sparkling bromance between Zhongqi and Alan has been a welcome change so far. The two discussed family, and how Zhongqi’s newfound freedom could be good for him. A space where he could take on only responsibilities that he wished to take on, and live the life he has always wanted to live, when the people around him could be regarded as his “family”. Zhongqi flatly rejected this idea of freedom and said that it was not a question of whether he liked the responsibilities or not, but because the family had become so much a part of him that he has nothing else left in this world if it is taken from him. Honestly I think Zhongqi and Alan’s different upbringings could have contributed to their perceptions on family. And I look forward to many more deep convos between the two brothers to be, because it seems that Zhongqi is rather honest during these convos.

    This ep was a sweet blast from the past, as Zhongqi and Ai Jia found out they had an encounter as children. Symbolic because the event actually shaped both of their lives later on, albeit in small ways – like Zhongqi hated being touched on the head and eating corn stick snacks in his adult years, and Ai Jia was constantly teased by her father for having no ‘zhi’ (wisdom). So funny, now that Ai Jia’s taken back her “zhi”, I think her luck is surely going to change!  Many cute and playful scenes between our OTP and it emphasizes that they can still be playmates now.

    I like watching the family scenes now, they surely have a lot of heart. One thing that perplexes me, though – Grandma Qin says that the He family still own 50% in the car company (50% shareholders). Does that mean that there are more He family members milling about which we have not been introduced to? Or does 

    Anyway, I do hope Ai Jia will still have scenes with Zhongqi, because it brings much life into the show due to their unmistakable chemistry. And if we unearth who Zhang Jiazhen is, that would be such a delight! I hope they cast well cos a weak Zhang Jiazhen won’t be good competition for Ai Jia. Rainie Yang as Zhang Jiazhen?

    • Dff


      • Jtlt

        Hi Dff, I AM NOT an employee of SETTV doing publicity. I write purely out of the sheer enjoyment of it (: 

  • Liiloo_lii

    Camoon, do not let the feelings of Ai Jia and  Zhong Qi develop soo fast.. there is still 58 episodes to go..

  • Jearlie

    I was hoping for a goodbye hug or sth? lol..  did anyone feel the same way? aijia and zhong qi has already developed a sense of attachment to each other. hee.. They support each other!

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  • LoveZhuGUiDei


  • =o=


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  • Jo

    小次郎~~厨余妹~~又分开了。。:'( 期待他们的重逢。。

  • tan

    Is the preview hinting that the guy ai jia like is zhong qi? ^^

  • Alien

    First! Love Xiao Gui!!!

  • lalaland~


  • Melyzenisa28

    Huang Hong Sheng Love Teresa meng Please_:):)

  • Melyzenisa28

    I Like Alien Huang hong Sheng Love Teresa Meng

    I Like swet swet bodyguard_– Teresa meng Cute_and Huang Hong sheng_Like Like _Please Epesode 22 and 23_:)

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    second ^_^

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